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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Marketing Trends for Insuring Vehicles ~~Guest Post~~

The insurance industry in North America is very competitive. Companies often launch widespread marketing campaigns in order to get more customers to sign up for different mandatory and optional policies. Client retention is also an important goal for insurance firms that spend a fortune on advertising. 

The mobile platform must be exploited by insurance agencies seeking customers. These days, more than half of all individuals who have mandatory automobile insurance possess smartphones. These mobile phone users mostly browse the Internet when searching for rates on auto insurance. Therefore, it is critical for companies to develop responsive websites that are compatible with multiple mobile platforms. Custom apps need to be developed to improve the experience of shopping for car insurance online. For instance, comparison tools are very popular features on the website of any major insurance provider in North America. 

Customers should be able to compare and contrast rates from different companies on a single page layout. Quick quote generation is key towards grabbing the attention of customers that are looking for auto insurance. If mobile phone users experience technical glitches on an insurance company's website, they will most likely move onto other sites to continue shopping for rates. 

Finding cheaper car insurance rates can also be accomplished with traditional methods. Some people prefer to talk to an agent in person to try to get great deals on automobile insurance. A representative in an office might be able to openly negotiate with new clients. When talking in an office setting, customers feel that they could actually lock in a fair rate on insurance premiums. A handshake is enough to seal the deal and receive vehicle protection at discount rates. By contrast, some online insurance-shopping tools might be misleading when they guarantee the same rates as provided in the virtual quotes.

Automobile insurance companies might also explore other traditional advertising options such as posting huge billboards above busy highways. Modern graphic designers could create eye-catching presentations that can attract tens of thousands of drivers per day. There are also dynamic LED-based billboard displays that feature cool custom animations.

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