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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Managing Finances Electronically ~~Guest Post~~

Personal finances can be easily managed thanks to today's advanced digital technology. Traditional or prepaid credit cards are now linked to online accounts that come with an array of useful features. Cyber security is also an important component of managing personal finances online. In order to access an account of a prepaid credit card, a username and password must be entered. Sometimes, a security question is asked in order to verify information for an online session. Other companies simply use a virtual graphic identifier that pops up right after the username is entered. 

For backup purposes, there may be several security questions that could be asked in order to verify the identity of a person trying to access an online credit card account. The bottom line is that credit card issuers are taking proactive steps in trying to stop fraud and identity theft. Companies that issue any types of credit cards also have live customer service support that can handle problems like stolen, missing and inactive cards. An account for a prepaid credit card could be immediately frozen if the authorized owners request such actions due to safety concerns.

Mobile technology also plays a vital role in the management of prepaid credit cards. For example, alerts can be sent directly to phones via text message. Messages might include information on the account balance, recent transactions and similar data. Smartphone users might also text a certain number to receive an immediate reply with the account balance. There is no need to receive text messages featuring reminders on billing issues and overdraft problems. With reloadable prepaid cards, it's important to receive reminders about a low balance that needs to be refilled.

Mobile phone users could add or withdraw funds from a prepaid credit card that's linked to an online account. It's possible to make transactions between such credit cards and bank accounts. People who want to try a prepaid debit card from and other websites are consumers who are seeking alternatives to traditional credit cards.

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