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PR/ Media Information/ Contact Me

About This Site/Me: I am a 36 year old Wife and Mother to two boys (11 and 8)  As my website name states, I try to make my site fun.  We play games, and host reviews and giveaways of a wide variety of products.

Reviews and Giveaways: Reviews with giveaways are always free on my site.  I will review/giveaway a wide variety of products.  Please feel free to email me the information about your item(s). 

Giveaway only posts (with no review item) are $100 per post.

Reviews of Products/Services etc for Companies that I work with are done with-in a six week time frame from receipt of product unless I otherwise notify you do to nature of product, or other circumstances.  Review items are compensation for the post and no item will be returned.

Besides being posted on my site, any reviews/giveaways are also posted on Facebook, Google+ and Twitter.  Pictures can be posted on Pinterest and Instagram as well.

I am also starting video reviews on YouTube.  Email me for costs.

I give my 100% honest opinion about all items I review. If there is a problem with the product, I will contact the Company to inform them, and try to rectify the problem before I do my review.

I always contact Company once review is up and running with link to the review. If a giveaway is offered, I run the giveaway for two weeks, and publish giveaway on at least four other sites that hold Mcklinkys (giveaway link ups.)

Current Stats as of September 2017:
I have been blogging for 8 years now

35,000+ page views per month 
16,000+ Unique Visitors
99/100 Website Grader Score
4.87 Moz Rank
Facebook fans : 13,047 
Email/Rss: 1000/3722 Subscribers 
Twitter: 11,222 
Google+ Followers: 1711 
Pinterest Followers: 3605 
Instagram Followers: 1335 
YouTube Subscribers: 826 
StumbleUpon Subscribers: 797

Please be aware that these numbers change at least once a day. My site is constantly growing.

Brand Ambassador: Green Works, Coppertone, Moms Meet, Gorton's Seafood, Children's Claritin, Chick-Fil-A, Safety 1st, Edaville USA, Shielding Lotion .

Advertising: Ads are placed in a premium spot at the top of my blog, right hand side.  The size of a standard ad on my site is 125 x 125 button (please provide)  Bigger ads are negotiable and welcome!

Rates for 125 x 125 button


$250 for 3 months ($50 Discount)

$900 for a year ($300 Discount)

Facebook Banner Picture: Your company logo can be pictured on my sites Facebook page.  Over 13,000 Likes.  $100 per month.  Banner picture will be behind my websites logo.

Company Advertisement Posts: These are paid posts which include information about your site, no follow links and pictures of products as well as directing my readers to where they can find your products. I offer a 200+ word post with at least two no follow links for $150.00.  The post is shared with my Facebook and Twitter followers as well.

Guest Posts/Pre-Written Posts:  Posts that are written by you, including up to two no follow links for $100.  These posts will need to be read by me and verified to be suitable for my readers before they will be published.

Text Links: Depending on the wording, and where you would want placement and for how long, no follow text links start at $50 per link.  Please email me what you are looking for, and I can give you a better cost estimate.

I accept PayPal for payment. Please email me at  for questions or if you are interested in purchasing an ad.
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