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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

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I hope you have gotten your Back To School and Spa For Ma entries in!! Both giveaway hops end 8/31!!!

Swanson Health Products Review And ~~Giveaway~~

Founded in 1969, Swanson Health Products is the realization of one man’s dream of bringing wellness to the world. Today, the company carries on that dream, reaching millions of health-conscious people in the United States and around the world.

As SHP grows it has a greater opportunity to give back to the community that nurtured it. SHP and its employees support Fargo and its residents through donations of time and money to numerous ventures like United Blood Services, Holiday Clearing Bureau, Big Brothers, Big Sisters, Roger Maris Cancer Center, Fargo Senior Commission Meals on Wheels, Special Olympics, Cass County Health, United Way, and much more. The company is the headline sponsor of the Health and Fitness Expo at the Fargo Marathon. The mission of the Fargo Marathon and Health Expo is to provide a community supported, nationally recognized, quality running event that attracts athletes of all ages and abilities to the Fargo-Moorhead area and promotes health and fitness.

“We take our responsibilities of corporate citizenship very seriously,” said Lee Swanson. "Fargo has been very good to us. This is our hometown and it is our duty to support the community in any way we can.”
Of course the main focus of SHP is taking care of its customers. “We treat people like we like to be treated,” Lee said. "One of our major concerns from the very beginning was that our customers would feel like we were treating them like real people, not just numbers or dollar signs. We believe that our customers are our most important assets. That’s why we try to deal with our customers on a personal, one-to-one basis, not through pre-recorded messages.”

“I like the way L.L. Bean Company describes a customer,” Lee said. “They say ‘a customer is the most important person ever in this company—in person or by mail. A customer is not dependent on us, we are dependent on him. A customer is not an interruption of our work, he is the purpose of it. We are not doing a favor by serving him, he is doing us a favor by giving us the opportunity to do so. A customer is not someone to argue or match wits with. Nobody ever won an argument with a customer. A customer is a person who brings us his wants. It is our job to handle them profitably to him, and to ourselves’.”

"Besides treating our customers well," said Lee, "we are in the unique position of being able to offer products direct to customers without going through a middle-man. Because of that fact, we are able to save customers 50% to 70% on their nutritional supplement expenditures. And those savings are on some of the highest quality products in the world. We bend over backwards to bring the finest ingredients to our customers at the best prices possible."

Swanson features top brand ingredients, like Pycnogenol® pine bark extract, CitriMax® Garcinia cambogia, LipoSan ULTRA® chitosan, Tonalin® CLA, ChromeMate™ chromium, Phase 2® white kidney bean extract, Palmetto Pure® organic saw palmetto, Albion® chelated minerals, Ubiquinol CoQ10, Lyc-O-Mato® lycopene, and many more.

Today, the company continues to expand its selection of diet and weight loss supplements, natural products for hair, skin and nail health, healthy foods (featuring many organic options, as well as green foods like spirulina and chlorella) and products for special diets, including vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, and kosher concerns.

SHP goes another step beyond its competitors by offering powerful guarantees. All products are backed by a 100% Satisfaction, Money-Back Guarantee and Double the Difference Lowest Price Guarantee. If you are not satisfied with your purchase for any reason, simply return the unused portion for a full refund of the purchase price. If you find a product priced lower in any competitor’s catalog, let us know and we’ll refund you two times the price difference.

As SHP moves closer to its 45th anniversary, Lee Swanson speaks to the company’s success. “At Swanson Health Products, we treat every customer like we would treat a good friend or neighbor, and I think most people appreciate that. When you shop with Swanson, you can expect fast, friendly, personal service every time. Unlike most other companies, when you call Swanson, you get to talk to a real person, not a machine. That means if you have questions, you get answers. If you have a problem with your order, you get the personal attention you need to solve it promptly. It’s hard to put a dollar value on service like that, but I think it makes a huge difference. When all is said and done, our affordable prices are probably the main reason most of our customers first start shopping with Swanson, but our outstanding customer service is the main reason they keep coming back. It’s like my dad said back at the beginning, ‘the satisfaction and goodwill of our valued customers is our most important asset’.”

Swanson sent me a wide variety of products to try!!

Here is a list of the great items I was sent-

Dr.Woods Pure Tea Tree Castile Soap
--This soap has a manly smell to it, which Ben loves (me too when he uses it!!)  What I like the best is that it can be used everywhere; hands, face, as shampoo etc!!

Canus Lait De Chevre Goats Milk Body Wash (Two Fragrances)
--I love how Goats milk soap makes your skin so smooth and silky.  It really moisturizes and makes you feel great!!

Canus Lait De Chevre Goats Milk Lotion (Two Fragrances)
--I swear I have died and gone to heaven with these!!  My skin is always dry.  I wash my hands a lot (mail is pretty dirty!!) so I am always using lotion.  After taking a nice soothing bath with Goats milk soap, I use the lotion.  It adds a layer of protection and really helps the dryness!!  I also love the fact that these come in pump bottles.  It makes it very easy to apply!!

Canus Goats Milk Soap Bars (Four Fragrances)
--I use the body wash in the shower and the bar soap for hand washing.  Again I can't tell you how great this soap feels on your skin and how smooth it makes it!!  Plus it smells great!!

Giovanni Deep Moisture Shampoo
--I can't describe the smell except to say it is a nice light scent.  I have what they call horsey hair.  It is always frizzy and very thick.  I have a hard time managing it and keeping the frizz down.  This shampoo did help a lot with the frizz.  I wont say I didn't have any, but it did calm it down a lot more then my usual soap. 

BWC Natural Leave In Conditioner
--This leave in did help me with my frizzes, but I had one problem with it.  I didn't care for the smell.  It's hard to describe, but it smelt like a hospital does.  Kind of sterile. 

Toms Crystal Confidence Deodorant
--I loved the fact that this deodorant was clear.  It did not leave any of those horrible white clumps.  It also protected from any smell!!  I wish it had a fragrance to it though.  I like to smell pretty!!

Jason Apricot Deodorant Stick
--I have never used a deodorant that smells like apricots, but I did really like this one.  It had a subtle scent so it wasn't over powering.  If it only came as a clear roll on I would have been in heaven.

Now Solutions Peppermint Chapstick
--When they say peppermint, they mean it!!  This has a very heavy peppermint smell.  It reminded me of Christmas!!  It glides on smooth and does last for a couple hours. 

Swanson Ultra Superfood Complex Dietary Supplement
--I am not sure what to say about this.  Ben has been using it for the last couple weeks.  His hunger hasn't been as great as it was, but I honestly can not say 100% for sure that it is because of the supplement.  He did say it goes down easy!!

Pure Ghee Clarified Butter
--At first I wasn't sure how to use this, but I decided to use it with stir fried veggies.  I try not to use too much butter and fatty foods in this house.  We usually use oil.  This butter has a very unique creamy taste to it.  It tasted great with the veggies.  The kids loved it.  I then experimented even further and used it in sugar cookies.  Again it tasted great.  Ghee is free from salts, and trans fats.  That makes me very happy!!

Swanson carry's a wide variety of name brand products as well like Burt's Bees (another favorite of mine!!)

I am very happy to be able to give one lucky reader a Swanson Insulated Lunch Bag, Canus Lait De Chevre Goats Milk Body Wash and Goats Milk Bar Soap!!

Carbonite Back Up Software

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Carbonite for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.


Carbonite Online Backup


Carbonite unlimited online computer backup works automatically and continually in the background backing up files whenever your computer is connected to the internet.

Plus, you can access your backed up files from any computer or on your smartphone or iPad with a free Carbonite app.

Anytime-anywhere-access is only $59 a year. Try it free for 15 days, no credit card required, and then get two free months if you decide to buy with offer code BLOGAD.

Carbonite does all of the following:

-Takes the worry out of backup by securely and automatically backing up the files on your PC or Mac to one of Carbonite’s highly secure, state-of-the-art data centers.

-Works continually in the background, automatically backing up your files whenever your computer is connected to the internet.

-Completely automatic, secure, simple, and unlimited. 
Once your files are backed up by Carbonite, you can access them anytime, anywhere, from virtually any Internet connected device.

 -Offers free mobile apps so you can access, enjoy and share your files from your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Android or Blackberry Smartphone. Founded in 2005, Carbonite has safely recover over 7 billion files that otherwise might have been lost forever! It’s easy, fast, and hassle-free to get your backed up files back.

For anyone who works constantly from their computer, you need to have protection for your work!!

Carbonite backs up all files, and pictures.  Those are the two most important things for me!!

I save a  lot of files for blog posts on my computer, and my prized items are my pictures of the kids and family.

I do have the pictures on Shutterfly, but I want to make sure that they are 100% safe.  You can't get those moments back!!

Check out Carbonites site and see if their software is for you!!

Visit Sponsor's Site

Sunbelt Snacks Review

The Sunbelt® tradition began in the early 1980s. Started by the McKee family of bakers, the initial concept was simple — to make a great-tasting nutritious snack. Using their talent of creating recipes and making delicious products, they created a complete line of granola bars, fruit & grain bars, fruit flavored snacks and granola cereals — all providing a balance of great taste and nutrition.

At Sunbelt®, our philosophy is that great taste and nutrition are not enough. Because we believe that physical activity is an important component of overall health, Sunbelt® has sponsored hundreds of local walkathons, marathons and triathlons over the years.
Sunbelt currently has 29 different varieties of snacks and cereals including chewy granola bars, fudge dipped chewy granola bars, fruit and grain cereal bars, granola cereal, and fruit snacks.

Sunbelt sent me four of their great products to try!!

I was sent their Strawberry Fruit and Grain Bars.  Wow these are delicious.  I have a horrible sweet tooth, and these hit the spot.  The are made with whole grains, and have 9 vitamins and minerals in them!!

I also received their Oats and Honey Granola Bars.  These are very soft which I love.  They have just the right amount of honey in them to make them perfectly sweet!!

The Chocolate Chip Granola Bars are delicious too.  The boys absolutely loved them.  Just the right mix of granola and chocolate.  Again they are also chewy so they are safer for younger kids.

The last product I was sent was my favorite.  Their Sweet and Salty Granola Bars made with almonds!!  I love sweet things, and salty things, so to combine them is pure heaven for me!!  Almonds are really good!!  I wish the bars had a little more almonds in them, but they had a great amount of sweetness to them!!

Sunbelt snacks are perfect for school lunches and for snack time!!

You can find out more about their products, and get valuable coupons by visiting their site, checking them out on facebook and twitter!! 

**All opinions expressed are 100% my own.  I was not compensated for this post.  I did receive the products mentioned above for this review**

YMX Flower Clouds Shirt Review


YMX (acronym for YellowMan Expression) was launched in 2009 as an extension of the original, high-end tattoo clothing brand, YellowMan (founded in 2004). Built on an extensive library of original tattoo artwork collected around the globe, YellowMan offers collectible, limited wearable art prints. YMX was created to offer an alternative to YellowMan in a broader, commercial market, while still preserving the authenticity of its origins.

YMX offers multifunctional garments that bridge the gap between athletic and fashion garments. Featuring high-comfort, lightweight MadKool fabrics and detailed, original prints, YMX garments can be worn for athletic use, or for casual wear. As a matter of fact, because of the moisture-wicking properties of the fabric, many people wear YMX in both active and leisure activities without having to change!


YellowMan founder, Peter Mui, started the concept of YellowMan under that premise that skin color should never be a barrier against social status. He should know. Chinese blood, and Oklahoma native, his identity breaks all the usual cultural stereotypes. He's true to all dimensions of his identity, proudly exuding his Chinese heritage on one side and down-home country singer on the other. Tall, broad-shouldered, and overflowing with confidence, Peter Mui can not be packaged into any preconceived category.
And so it is that he thumbs his nose on the derogatory label "Yellow," and instead declares it a badge of integrity and pride for those who dare to be different.

Understanding the value of tattoo art as a vehicle to represent cross-cultural attitudes, Peter Mui pursued the concept of creating wearable tattoo art. For over a decade he has traveled the world, personally knocking on doors of the world's greatest and hard-to-reach tattoo masters to build up an impressive art collection representing the finest in every tattoo style, spanning Japanese Irezumi, Maori Tribal, American Traditional, New School, Biomechanical, and even rare work from a remote Buddhist monk in Thailand. These mastepieces are not only significant in their own right, but they also carry with them volumes of symbolic elements that are rich with cultural history.

If assembling a collection of art from the world's greatest tattoo masters isn't hard enough, translating their masterpieces from flat art to wearable garments is another challenge. Taking advantage of the advances of digital technology, YellowMan has carefully engineered technical fabrics (MadKool) to receive the art with vivid clarity, while also providing powerful wicking benefits found in top athletic-wear brands. Carefully printing and constructing YellowMan garments so that the art falls on the body where the artist intended is a labor of love. But from the onset, Peter Mui has insisted on maintaining a product that not only elevates the wearer of the garment, but also the artist that created it.

Simply put, YellowMan garments are groundbreaking wearable works of art. The range of imagery spans the globe, and the wearability does also. Whether one is hitting the slopes in Aspen, carving the waves in Kauai, slamming city pavement, layering beneath a formal suit jacket, or simply kicking back at home, YellowMan clothing offers versatility, comfort, and stunning wearable art that is rivaled by none. Above all, YellowMan projects Peter Mui's vision of individuality and pride, where cultural, ethnic, and social barriers do not exist.

I was very lucky to get to review YMX's Flower Clouds Long Sleeve Shirt!!

This long sleeve shirt brings together some of YMX's most popular tribal and Asian artwork into fresh colors for Spring. Wear this super-comfortable shirt as a performance base layer or as a fashion piece.

This shirt is very comfortable.  As you all know I am a mail carrier, and I need to be prepared for all kinds of weather.

With the summer sun and humidity, I need clothes that breath.

This shirt is so light weight and airy that you forget its on!!

It helps draw the heat away from your body and keeps your skin cool.  That is a must for me!!

I also like the design of the shirt.  The purple is vibrant, and the design is really pretty.

You can get your own shirt by visiting YMX's site!!

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Take Three Tuesday Blog Hop

Sorry I didn't post this last week.  Things were a little crazy here!!

Who doesn't want or need more followers?? This is my twenty third week with a Linky hop, and so far so good!!! I am meeting a lot of great bloggers!!

I am making this hop a little different then other peoples.

You can include all three of your accounts (blog, twitter and facebook) Please use the format I used with my accounts.

Follow as many peoples accounts as you want. Just make sure to leave a comment on their blog saying you are following from Take Three Tuesday, and what accounts of theirs you are following.

Each week, I will pick one random entry in the linky to win a small prize!!

So spread the word and lets try to make Take Three Tuesday a big deal!!!

Last weeks winner is............

Deal Sharing Aunt

Please email me your address and I will get your prize out to you!!!

~~Winners- please respond with in one week. Thank you~~

Hell's Kitchen Week 8

Another two hour episode!!  Oh wait a minute, the first one is last weeks episode.  This is getting weird!!

The first timing challenge is interesting.  30, 20 and 10 minute meals.  I would make them simple!!

Tommy got very creative adding an egg to the lamb.  Jennifer was worried, but she won!!

Paul and Elizabeth both did well.  Paul won!!

Elise and Will did well too!!  Will did better, and Elise whines like a baby!! 

The charity event that they are cooking for sounds like fun.  A six course meal!!  I would love to go to one, but I really don't think I could eat that much food!!!

Elise is sooooo lazy.  Just do your chores and get them over with!!

I loved how they played the theme song from Pretty Women while the guys shopped!! 

Elise is starting with her attitude again.  Each team member was assigned their posts.  Just do your job!!!!

The people they are cooking for are donors to two of my favorite charities.  The American Cancer Society, and American Humane Society. 

Tommy messes up on salad.  How do you do that??

Elizabeth needs to talk!!!!  She is not saying anything.

Elise did well with her first course.  Tommy not so much. 

Poor Jennifer.  She is stuck with two dummies.  Elise isn't doing anything, and Elizabeth is messing up.

Elizabeth made the chicken way too early.  Ramsey chewed her out, and she deserved it.

Tommy spaces out, but at least he bounced back.
Poor Jennifer.  She looked like she was really busting her ass, and Elise is really screwing her over big time.   

The blue team did really well.  They worked together.  They deserved the black jackets today.

Elise is sooooooooo annoying.  I am sooooooo tired of her "I am God" attitude.  She never does wrong!!

Ramsey was such a jerk scaring Jennifer like that.  She deserves to stay.  I really think she is going to win.

Ahhhhhhh Elise is still there.  I have never disliked a player as much as I dislike her!!!

On that note I need to say goodbye to Shelleys Hubby. 

Thank you for playing!!

1. Amanda Colello
2. Brendan Heavey
3. Carrie Keep TAKEN BY DEBBIE
4. Chino Chang
5. Elise Wims
6. Elizabeth Bianchi TAKEN BY SHELLEY T HUBBY
7. Gina Melcher TAKEN BY LISA
8. Jamie Gregorich
9. Jason Zepaltas
10. Jennifer Normant
11. Jonathon Plumley TAKEN BY NATASHA
12. Krupa Patel TAKEN BY VHUBLER
13. Monterray Keys TAKEN BY VICJBR
14. Natalie Blake TAKEN BY TARA
15. Paul Niedermann TAKEN BY SHELLEY T
16. Steven Paluba
17. Tommy Stevens TAKEN BY KATSRUS

Survivor Starts September 14th. Need Game Players!!

A new season of Survivor starts September 14th. This season they are in the South Pacific!!

If you would like to join in on my game, just pick a players name and comment below "I want so and so"

First person to pick that name gets that player. We follow along each week, and if your player wins the game, you win a prize on here!!

Two players return from past seasons!! Brandon Hantz is actually Russell Hantz nephew. Lets see if he is as evil as Russell!!

1. Benjamin "Coach" Wade

2. Oscar “Ozzy” Lusth TAKEN BY Tara

3. Albert Destrade

4. Brandon Hantz TAKEN BY Dena Mullins

5. Christine Shields Markoski

6. Dawn Meehan

7. Edna Ma

8. Elyse Umemoto

9. Jim Rice

10. John Cochran TAKEN BY Liza767

11. Keith Tollefson

12. Mark Caruso TAKEN BY Debbie

13. Mikayla Wingle

14. Rick Nelson

15. Semhar Tadesse

16. Sophie Clarke TAKEN BY Celebrie2

17. Stacey Powell TAKEN BY Ashley S

18. Whitney Duncan

Neoteric Cosmetics Face Masks Review

Do you find yourself stressed out? In need of some R and R? A little "me time" perhaps? A spa day without the price tag? We have the perfect solution.... a Montagne Juenesse Masque! Montagne Juenesse masques are like Paradise in a packet!

Each masque comes in its own packet and there many types and flavors to chose from; everything from mud masques to peel offs and flavored skin tonics. Every masque is designed to enhance your skin’s natural beauty and provide you with a little relaxation.

I am a Mom, and full time worker!!!  I do not have any spare time to do fun pampering stuff.  I wish I did!!

For me pampering entails getting to take a bath for an hour with out kids knocking on the door every five minutes!!!

Neoteric sent me three face masks to try.  I was excited.  I felt pampered and I didn't have to leave the house!!

I was sent Masque A La Boue, Peel Off Passion, and Sauna De Fudge!!

The Masque A La Boue was designed to help relieve stress.  It felt cool and great going on.  To add to the spa like feel, I had Ben put it on for me!!!

Peel Off Passion has a great scent to it (pomegranate) and is made for deep cleaning.  The mask pulls off really easy and makes your skin feel clean!!

Fudge Sauna was a little different.  This mask warmed up on your face.  It has a unique smell (vanilla like) but got a little too warm for me.  It came off just as easy as the others, and did feel great afterwards!!

Check out Neoteric Cosmetics for a wide variety of products!!

You can also like them on Facebook and Twitter!!

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Wholesale Keychain- Monopoly Game Review

Wholesale Keychains This is the place where car lovers can celebrate their dream machines by taking a little piece with them wherever they go. We sell automotive keychains for all major automotive companies such as BMW, Nissan, Ford Mustang, Chevy Corvette, Infiniti, Dodge, Jeep, Buick, and Cadillac to name a few. Whether it is an SUV, a truck or a luxury car, we have it all.

Look at the wide range of selections that will transport you into “automobile heaven”. For fans of these vehicles, there is no better place to be. Browse through our selections from the comfort of your living room, coffee mug in your hand. All it takes is one click to get that little piece of accessory that is a surefire way to start a conversation, anywhere.

We sell in bulk or individual items to suit all of your needs. There are many styles to choose from and we offer the highest quality materials made in the U.S.A. These come into different materials, from serious steel to fun leather. It goes with any and every outfit.
Not satisfied unless you make your mark on it? Order our special engravings, tell us what you want written and we will engrave and send it your way. Whether it’s a message for a loved one or for yourself or a corporate function, these words will remain in their hearts forever.

Car lovers like to take a little piece of their automotive fantasies with them at all times in a portable, stylish fashion that allows them to dream a little. Whether you are the proud owner of a Mustang, and want to bring a symbol of it with you at all times, or you suffer from a mild case of car envy, carrying around a BMW keychain or a Mercedes Keychain could make the dream feel more tangible. Wholesale Keychains sells Officially Licensed Keychains.

I got to review the Monopoly Game Keychain!!

This is really cute!!  It comes with two small dice, and two small game pieces in a cute little hidden drawer.

It's a great little toy for kids in the car!!  Ben Jr loves playing with it!!

Wholesale Keychains has a wide variety of keychains for everyone!!

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Lakebridge Spring Book Review And ~~Giveaway~~

Vermont, picturesque and lovely, attracts visitors from across the country in search for the perfect picture, the perfect fall foliage or perhaps a taste of maple syrup. Stansbury is best known for the odd covered bridge that spans Stansbury Lake and goes nowhere, connecting no roads and serving no known purpose. The locals call it the Lakebridge. Very few know of its mysterious origins and fewer care to know more. Those visiting the town perhaps take a few snapshots and leave, their curiosity quelled by an uneasy feeling that they shouldn’t think on it anymore.

The tourists will eventually leave Stansbury, but its residents strangely linger, seemingly held captive by a force they barely recognize. They also do not think about the town’s mysterious artifact much except in passing, all but Gil, his father, Ben, and a few others. They know of the bridge’s dark history and understand that it is responsible for every horror that ever befell the people of Stansbury: the people who fear the bridge but will not speak of it. The bridge makes people do things – bad things – so that it can continue to love and care for them all.

Some have tried to destroy the bridge, but as long as the bridge is fed with the lives of the innocents of Stansbury it will go on – loving the people of Stansbury.

I was born in Vermont.  I lived in the Burlington area for quite a few years, and I still have a lot of family in that area.

When Natasha asked if I would review her book about Vermont, I just had to do it!!!  I love Vermont.

Lakebridge Spring starts out with a couple from Miami traveling to Vermont to tour the area in their large motor home.

Rick has just retired, and him and Marisol are checking out the country.  They stop in the small town of Stansbury, to visit their biggest tourist attraction, the Lakebridge.

While they are in the town, the run into some interesting characters, like Gil who is the local gift shop owner.  He has an interesting story.  His life is full of really bad luck!!

The Lakebridge is evil.  All of the towns folk know this.  It has taken the lives of many people.  No one can seem to stop it.  All though one man really tries!!

Natasha's writing style is very creative.  She tells the life story of many of the towns folk, and how they all inter twine.

There are many sad parts, but you are riveted to the pages as you go!!

If you love an Erie story with some great twists, then this book is for you!!

You can purchase LakeBridge Spring on Amazon!! 

I am also very happy to be able to give two of you a signed copy of Natasha's book!!!

Monday Meet And Greet-

Coupons are Great

Your Name: Leandrea

Where do you blog? Coupons Are Great

How did you decide on what to name your blog? When I started using coupons I was so excited. I really liked the "I Heart" sites, but I knew that was someone else's idea. Since my site was about saving with coupons and I thought coupons were great...the name was born. It seems like three word names are pretty popular. However, if I could redo my name I would. Because my site contains the word "Coupons" my emails get sent to spam on a regular basis. It is very frustrating!

Tell us a little bit about you: I am married to my high school sweetheart. My husband and I have known each other since the sixth grade. We have two little girls who are 15 months and 3 weeks apart in age. I am a former educator. My degree is in Special Education, but I taught a 1st/2nd combo at a charter school in Oregon. I now stay home with my daughters and attempt to have a clean house and prepare healthy meals. I love helping others - whether they are children or adults. I have a co-blogger on my site who I met on an online pregnancy forum. It was scary meeting in real life for the first time, but now we are the best of friends.

Tell us 5 of your favorite things, and 5 of your least favorite things.

Five Favorite Things: Tetris, Scrabble, Watermelon, Apple products, and running

Five Least Favorite Things: Bad grammar, drama, heat combined with humidity, soggy cereal, beef

When and why did you start blogging? I started blogging three years ago. I wanted to share my deals with my friends. I believe that everyone should be saving money. If there is a coupon for a product then it seems very silly to not use it! I hoped to motivate my friends when I started blogging.

What do you blog about? At Coupons Are Great you will find many ways to save money including coupons, mystery shopping, and online deals. We are a family friendly site and we share all sorts of family ideas. Each Tuesday we have a Crafty post. We try to incorporate a broad range of posts.

When do you find the time to blog? I find the time to blog at night when my girls are in bed or during the few hours that my youngest is in preschool.

What is your favorite blog post ever? This is a tough one! My favorite posts are generally the crafty posts. My favorite posts are tied: Crafty Tuesday: A Care Bear Party  and Crafty Tuesday: Sesame Street Birthday Party

What is your favorite item you ever reviewed? My favorite item that I have reviewed is the Blooming Babies Personalized Stamp I love personalized things. My wish list includes a personalized necklace with my daughter's initials. Being able to support small businesses makes me very happy!

What brand or product would you really like to work with/review? I would love to work with Garmin to review their running watches.

What has been your biggest blogging challenge, how did you overcome it? My biggest blogging challenge is finding the time to sit down and blog. I have too many tabs open on my computer and I am easily distracted. I am working on focusing more.

What advice would you give a new blogger? As hard as it may seem, try to make blogging friends! I am a very reserved person who has a hard time getting past the "Hello how are you's" but the best thing you can do is introduce yourself and try to get in to some blogging social circles. I am not the most active person in my social circles and I tend to learn more from others, but it is totally worth it. Blogging is much more fun when you have friends. Plus, the friends you make are always a wealth of knowledge.

My next piece of advice is to stay true to yourself. When you blog about the things that make you happy you will be successful. As a frugal blogger I sometimes have to remind myself "Just because everyone else is posting about it....doesn't mean I have to too."

What widget or feature could you not live without? My favorite widgets are Askimet (spam control), and the winner is (for giveaways), and Mile 51 (list maker)

What are your favorite blogs to read? My favorite blogs include:

Run Faster Mommy -

Skinny Runner -

Skinny Taste -

Eighteen25 -  

Where can we find you?Facebook, Twitter, Email if you'd like to share it, etc.



Make Me Laugh Monday 8/29/11

The Bumper Dumper®

The only hitch mounted portable toilet patented to use any standard full size toilet seat.
It's the most comfortable,stable and sanitary porta potty in the world.
Use it in the hitch receiver or as a stand alone unit.

You can use a bag or a bucket .

The Bumper Dumper® is not just an accessory, it's a necessity. Whether you are a hunter, fisherman, camper, or off- roader, the Bumper Dumper is a great item for all outdoor enthusiasts. It's great to have on construction sites, traveling with kids,or at the beach. Anywhere you may need to go while on the go the Bumper Dumper® is a must have item. Just a trailer hitch receiver on the back of your vehicle with a Bumper Dumper®, and no more squatting in a bush, no more unstable, flimsy, rickety,under sized porta potty,and no more smelly unsanitary outhouses. Just plug the Bumper Dumper® into your hitch receiver and the comfort of home is there when nature calls.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Hurricane Irene

For anyone on the East Coast, you are probably already getting ready to get hit!!!

According to the latest weather report, the eye is hitting right over me!!

I just wanted to write this quick note, that if you don't hear from me for a day or two, it's because I lost power (that happens here a lot!!!)

I wish everyone the best, and hopefully no damage!!!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Day That Just Keeps Giving One Day Only 8/26 ~~Giveaway~~


As promised here is a schedule of bloggers and their prizes that are taking part in "The Day That Keeps Giving.

We have over $1,000 worth of cash, prizes and gift cards!

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Friday Giveaway Link Up

I hope you all had a great week.  Mine started out ok, and then had a couple bad twists!!!

Oh well TGIF!!!!

Don't forget to check out my awesome giveaways going on now!!!  Back To School, and Spa For Ma are offering HUGE prizes!!!!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Carmex Lip Protection Review And ~~Giveaway~~

Carmex® lip balm was invented in 1937 by Alfred Woelbing, literally on the family stovetop. For the next 20

years, Alfred and his wife made Carmex by hand and poured it into the familiar yellow-capped jars.

Eventually production moved out of the Woelbing home and into a rented facility in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin, where it remained until the move in 1975 to its current site in Franklin, Wisconsin.
Carma Labs employs about 100 people and is still owned and operated by the family: Alfred's grandsons Eric and Paul Woelbing. The Woelbing stove is now used for cooking things the family can actually eat.

It’s a proven fact: soft lips are just more kissable. And since you never know when someone might want to nail you with a big sloppy one, you ought to keep Carmex® lip balm with you at all times.

Carmex lip balm restores the moisture that wind and dry, cold air can suck right out of your lips. One of the moisturizing ingredients in Carmex lip balm is cocoa butter, a natural emollient. Cocoa beans were discovered by the mysterious ancient Mayans. Whatever caused their great civilization to vanish, at least it wasn’t chapped lips.

I love Carmex products.  I have been using them for years.

With my job (Mail carrier) I am in all sorts of weather.  I need protection!!

Carmex keeps your lips moist and protected from Sun, Wind, Cold etc.

I was very excited to try some of their new products-

Carmex Lime Twist Stick

Carmex Vanilla Stick

Carmex Moisture Plus

All three soothe my lips, and I can feel the protection!!

The Lime Twist is my favorite with a subtle smell that's great!!

Carmex was generous enough to offer one of you all three products to try, plus an adorable foldable fleece blanket!!

DreamWorks Real Steel


Website and Mobile site:
Like us on Facebook:
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Genre: Action-
DramaRating: PG-13
U.S. Release date: October 7, 2011

Cast: Hugh Jackman, Dakota Goyo, Evangeline Lilly, Anthony Mackie, Kevin Durand

Director: Shawn Levy

Producers: Don Murphy, Susan Montford, Shawn Levy

Executive Producers: Steven Spielberg, Jack Rapke, Robert Zemeckis, Steve Starkey, Mary McLaglen, Josh McLaglen

Screenplay by: John Gatins

Story by: Dan Gilroy and Jeremy Leven

Based in part on the short story “Steel” by: Richard Matheson A action ride set in the near-future where the sport of boxing has gone high-tech, “Real Steel” stars Hugh Jackman as Charlie Kenton, a washed-up fighter who lost his chance at a title when 2000-pound, 8-foot-tall steel robots took over the ring. Now nothing but a small-time promoter, Charlie earns just enough money piecing together low-end bots from scrap metal to get from one underground boxing venue to the next. When Charlie hits rock bottom, he reluctantly teams up with his estranged son Max (Dakota Goyo) to build and train a championship contender. As the stakes in the no-holds-barred arena are raised, Charlie and Max, against all odds, get one last shot at a comeback.

“Real Steel” is directed by Shawn Levy (“Night at the Museum” franchise and “Date Night”).

“Real Steel” is about a former boxer (Hugh Jackman) who, against all odds, gets one last shot at a comeback when he teams up with his estranged son (Dakota Goyo) to build and train the perfect contender for the new high-tech sport of robot boxing.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Hells Kitchen Week 7

It is very hard to keep up with when this show airs!!  Today is a two hour episode!!

I don't know how many times I can say this, but Carrie and Elise really need to go!!!

I would not do well on a blind taste test.  That scares me!!

Obviously Carrie and Tommy weren't very good!!  Neither was Elizabeth or Will!!

At least Elise and Natalie were a little better!! 

Elise did well.  She got 3 out of 4!!  She won the girls a trip to go Horseback riding!!

James looked content on his horse!!

Wow that view was amazing!! 

I would not want to have to De-seed all those grapes!!  That does not look like fun!!

Tommy's grape jokes were funny!!  I liked them!!! 

Natalie's little fit was funny, but who has to clean that up??

How much did Carrie and Elise drink??

Then they got sober and started their stupiditiess (is that a word??) again!! 

That's neat that they switch off and one team cooks while the other serves.  I would do much better at serving then cooking!!!  I did it for many years when I was younger!!

Tommy better start learning to talk!!

Carrie did well taking orders, Elise did not!!
The blue team, did not do well.  Those poor people not getting any food!!  Natalie and Tommy screwed things over big time.   

Tommy is still doing bad now at the tables!!  He has tried three times to get that one tables order in.  Those poor people are never going to eat!!

Carrie is not doing well on garnish.  That is such an easy station too!!

Depending on which team "loses" it's pretty easy to see who's going up (Natalie and Tommy, and Elise and Carrie!!)

Good for Jennifer snapping at Elise.  She deserved it.

Both Carrie and Tommy need to go, but so do Elise and Natalie!!

I am not disagreeing with Ramsey, Carrie needed to go, but I really thought he would have gotten rid of Tommy first.

Ramsey throws a curve ball and sends them all to NY. 

How much food are they eating in one day??  Wow that was like seven or eight restaurants!!

The BLT restaurant looks nice.  Maybe when I am in NY next month, I will stop there!!

That slot machine looks like fun.  You get to spin for five ingredients and then a coin tells you what type of cuisine you will make!!

Wow those meals are going to be tough to make!!  I would be really scared!!

Tommy did well.  Wow!!  Elizabeth did better!!

Natalie made hers a little too spicy.  I am surprised she didn't realize it when she spent the whole time cooking it sneezing!!

Thank you Will for removing Elise!!!  Oh man what would we do if she was "Queen?"

Good job Jennifer.  She kicked butt on that dish!!  "Boston beat NY!!"

That was an interesting jeep.  It had four rows of seats!!

James gets to go on another reward.  Good for him!!

That ball thing looked like a little fun.  I would have more fun pushing people, then riding in it!!

Natalie's scallops looked nasty.  One side cooked, the other side raw.

Chef Scott was funny yelling at Tommy.  If Tommy would have listened, it wouldn't have been a problem!!  Those onion rings looked nasty!!

Elizabeth has gone off the deep end tonight.  It looks like she is having a panic attack!!

Elise just got caught in a big lie.  She scored all the Wellingtons, and blamed Tommy.  Ramsey made her confront Tommy and he told the truth. 

Natalie made another huge mistake.  Everyone of her sea bass' came back.  Wow!!

I feel bad for Jennifer.  The other two are really screwing her big time.  Elise with her meat, and Elizabeth with her fish.

Wow Ramsey throws Elise and Elizabeth out.  I hope he doesn't expect Jennifer to cook all by herself!!  lol

That was awesome how Ramsey, Jennifer and Chef Andi kicked butt together and finished that service.  Good for Jennifer.  I really think she is going to be the winner.

You have got to be kidding me.  Those guys jumped on Natalie with affection way too much!!!  Stop coddling the girl!!

I loved how all on the blue team agreed they wanted to vote Elise!!

What the hell??  Oh my god he kept Elise again.  Even after she proved to be the biggest liar.  What is Ramsey thinking??  Ahhhhhh!!

On that note I need to say goodbye to Tara and Debbie. 

Thank you both for playing!!

1. Amanda Colello
2. Brendan Heavey
3. Carrie Keep TAKEN BY DEBBIE
4. Chino Chang
5. Elise Wims
6. Elizabeth Bianchi TAKEN BY SHELLEY T HUBBY
7. Gina Melcher TAKEN BY LISA
8. Jamie Gregorich
9. Jason Zepaltas
10. Jennifer Normant
11. Jonathon Plumley TAKEN BY NATASHA
12. Krupa Patel TAKEN BY VHUBLER
13. Monterray Keys TAKEN BY VICJBR
14. Natalie Blake TAKEN BY TARA
15. Paul Niedermann TAKEN BY SHELLEY T
16. Steven Paluba
17. Tommy Stevens TAKEN BY KATSRUS

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