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Monday, August 29, 2011

Hell's Kitchen Week 8

Another two hour episode!!  Oh wait a minute, the first one is last weeks episode.  This is getting weird!!

The first timing challenge is interesting.  30, 20 and 10 minute meals.  I would make them simple!!

Tommy got very creative adding an egg to the lamb.  Jennifer was worried, but she won!!

Paul and Elizabeth both did well.  Paul won!!

Elise and Will did well too!!  Will did better, and Elise whines like a baby!! 

The charity event that they are cooking for sounds like fun.  A six course meal!!  I would love to go to one, but I really don't think I could eat that much food!!!

Elise is sooooo lazy.  Just do your chores and get them over with!!

I loved how they played the theme song from Pretty Women while the guys shopped!! 

Elise is starting with her attitude again.  Each team member was assigned their posts.  Just do your job!!!!

The people they are cooking for are donors to two of my favorite charities.  The American Cancer Society, and American Humane Society. 

Tommy messes up on salad.  How do you do that??

Elizabeth needs to talk!!!!  She is not saying anything.

Elise did well with her first course.  Tommy not so much. 

Poor Jennifer.  She is stuck with two dummies.  Elise isn't doing anything, and Elizabeth is messing up.

Elizabeth made the chicken way too early.  Ramsey chewed her out, and she deserved it.

Tommy spaces out, but at least he bounced back.
Poor Jennifer.  She looked like she was really busting her ass, and Elise is really screwing her over big time.   

The blue team did really well.  They worked together.  They deserved the black jackets today.

Elise is sooooooooo annoying.  I am sooooooo tired of her "I am God" attitude.  She never does wrong!!

Ramsey was such a jerk scaring Jennifer like that.  She deserves to stay.  I really think she is going to win.

Ahhhhhhh Elise is still there.  I have never disliked a player as much as I dislike her!!!

On that note I need to say goodbye to Shelleys Hubby. 

Thank you for playing!!

1. Amanda Colello
2. Brendan Heavey
3. Carrie Keep TAKEN BY DEBBIE
4. Chino Chang
5. Elise Wims
6. Elizabeth Bianchi TAKEN BY SHELLEY T HUBBY
7. Gina Melcher TAKEN BY LISA
8. Jamie Gregorich
9. Jason Zepaltas
10. Jennifer Normant
11. Jonathon Plumley TAKEN BY NATASHA
12. Krupa Patel TAKEN BY VHUBLER
13. Monterray Keys TAKEN BY VICJBR
14. Natalie Blake TAKEN BY TARA
15. Paul Niedermann TAKEN BY SHELLEY T
16. Steven Paluba
17. Tommy Stevens TAKEN BY KATSRUS

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