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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Survivor Season 26 Episode 9 Game #Survivor

Yeah, now I am all caught up!!  I will still take new players if you want to join in until next weeks new episode on Wednesday!!

I really do not think I could keep a strait face around Phillip with all of his covert talk.  

Poor Sherri was not picked for the reward challenge so she does not get a chance to go.  

This challenge looks like fun.  Four people get to throw balls at a net that is defended by the opposite teams goalie.  It all takes place in the water.

The men team wins.  It consists of Eddie, Reynold, Micheal, Erik and Cochran.  They get to go down a waterfall and have a nice picnic lunch. 

I loved how Cochran said he never thought he would do this especially considering he barely leaves his apartment or twitter!!

Reynold, Eddie and Michael tried to recruit Cochran, and Malcolm tried to recruit Sherri and Dawn.  It doesn't look like it's working.

Andrea and Eddie are playing the flirting game.  I have no clue if it's real, or if it's just to gain info.  

Wow the immunity challenge is trying to kill the players!!  They float under a grate in the water, and as the tide comes in they loose more space and ability to breath.  

Philip gave up very quickly once the water was at his nose.  Sherri and Erik left quickly as well.

Dawn, Malcolm and Michael were not too far behind.  Cochran, Eddie and Reynold all go out at about the same time.  Andrea and Brenda are left.

Brenda kicked butt at that challenge.  She never moved.  The other players had to jump in the water to tell her she won.

Malcolm and Andrea are trying for power plays back at camp.  I have no clue who is going to come out on top.

Eddie and Andrea had a nice long conversation that I could not follow for the life of me.  It made absolutely no sense to me.  I could not follow it at all.

Andrea continued her rambling with Dawn and the others.  At first they were going to vote Malcolm, then Michael, and now it looks like it is back to Malcolm.   I am very confused.    

Phillip at tribal brings up his Stealth R Us and how he recruited Sherri.  She is clearly bitter that her old tribe mates voted for her last tribal. 

It still seems like there are two alliances.  I have no clue who Dawn, Cochran or Erik is voting for.  

Malcolm voted for Reynold.  Why??  

Reynold gave Malcolm his idol after Malcolm gave a speech about how he knew all the votes were for him.  But Malcolm voted for Reynold.  What the heck is going on??  Somehow this is going to bite someone in the butt.  

Well it bit Michael in the arse.  He was the one voted out.  I am dumb struck trying to figure out that logic.  Oh well, no one picked him, so I don't need to say goodbye!!  See you all next week.


Eddie Fox
Hope Driskill
Julia Landauer
Laura Alexander
Matt Bischoff
Michael Snow
Reynold Toepfer
Shamar Thomas
Alexandra “Allie” Pohevitz
Sherri Biethman


Erik Reichenbach TAKEN by vicjbr
Francesca Hogi
John Cochran TAKEN by ksceviour
Malcolm Freberg TAKEN by Marilyn's Money
Brandon Hantz TAKEN by Charity and John
Corinne Kaplan
Dawn Meehan TAKEN by Deb

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