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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Survivor Season 26 Episode 8 Game #Survivor

Two more to go and I am all caught up.  I will still take new players if you want to join in until next weeks new episode on Wednesday!!

Bikal goes back to camp after Tribal and Michael is thanking them. I don't think I would have done that.  

I love how Phillip starts telling Dawn and Corinne that he deliberately lost the challenge.  Come on, just admit you were not good enough to win already.

I can't blame Dawn for being nervous at this point in the game playing with Cochran again.  This is about the time where he changed tactics and broke their alliance.

Gota got a note that says pack up and its time to move to a new home.  Merge time. 

The survivors decide on the name Enil edam which they don't know is Malcolm's Mothers name spelled backwards!!

Why is Phillip so obsessed with Boston Rob??

I loved how when they got tree mail and learned what the next rewards challenge was, Eddies response was that he was worried a girl would not want to date him after seeing him eat nasty things!!  

Right before they even opened the first nasty dish they had to eat, Erik says "Mine moved a little."  Ben and I were laughing non stop at that one.  I could never do this challenge.  YUCKY!!

First course is live beetles.  Second course is some kind of worm clam.  Oh man I almost vomited just looking at them eating it.

Eddie, Malcolm and Cochran make it to the second to last round.  Cochran seriously?  They have to eat duck embryos.  You can see the feathers, beaks and eyes.  Oh so nasty!!

The challenge comes down to Cochran and Malcolm and they have to eat pigs brains.   Cochran is kicking butt at this challenge.  Even Jeff is shocked that he has made it this far in a challenge.

Cochran won!!  Cochran won!!  WOW!!

It's nice that everyone cheered for him.  The little guy came out on top!!  All though according to Malcolm, he is glad for Cochran and that he got his win done now because he is not keeping him for very long!!

Phillip is gunning again for a split vote.  Everything has to be split with him.     

Corinne wants Sherri gone, and then Phillip.

Dawn and Cochran are on the fence again like they were the last time they played.  Now it looks like there is a big shift in alliances and I have no clue who is going home.

It seems like the choice is to either vote Corinne or Sherri.  It looks like 6 and 6 for the vote right now.  

They voted out Corinne.  Someone had to have flipped from the 6 and 6.  Interesting.  No clue why people would want to side with Phillip though.  

Erik was the flipper.  I should have seen that one coming.  No one picked her, so I don't have to say goodbye to anyone!!


Eddie Fox
Hope Driskill
Julia Landauer
Laura Alexander
Matt Bischoff
Michael Snow
Reynold Toepfer
Shamar Thomas
Alexandra “Allie” Pohevitz
Sherri Biethman


Erik Reichenbach TAKEN by vicjbr
Francesca Hogi
John Cochran TAKEN by ksceviour
Malcolm Freberg TAKEN by Marilyn's Money
Brandon Hantz TAKEN by Charity and John
Corinne Kaplan
Dawn Meehan TAKEN by Deb

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