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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Forever's Turning Up The Heat Book Review And ~~Giveaway~~

Outspoken Lady Alexa Bingham enjoys a chance encounter with London's most notorious rake, the Earl of Killingworth, and is drawn into a passionate romance that has serious consequences. When a reckless wager forces the Earl, the owner of a gambling den and brothel, to take on a new business partner, the lovers begin to play a dangerous game of intrigue and deception. If they are not careful, it is the flames of their own fiery attraction that may destroy them.

I can't tell you how much I love romance books set in the 1800's.  I love the era and how life was mostly a party for these folks!! 

The clothes alone make me want to live back then!!! 

Of course women had it tough.  We were expected to be boring, and let the men rule the world.  Alexa knew that all too well and hated it!!  She wanted to be free and do what she wants.

A chance meeting with a notorious rake, and a lucky game of cards, turns Alexa's life into something more notorious then the rake himself!!

This book is full of adventure, and to me is a great love story!!

Things are heating up in the kitchen...and the bedroom. Restaurant owner Phoebe Mayle thought she had it all under control. Sure, her new chef has a bad-boy reputation --and a chiseled body to match-- but she's positive she can whip him into shape. But will their hunger for each other be a recipe for love that lasts?

Phoebe is making a go of not one, but two business'.  After her Aunt and Uncle die, Phoebe takes over their Restaurant.  She soon realizes that she needs help.  She can't do it all (no matter how much she thinks she can)

Phoebe in lists the help of Nick Avalon, a professional chef with a known bad boy reputation.  What Phoebe doesn't know is that Nick has a big attitude and is counting down the minutes till he can get back to his life in the real world.

The pair are constantly at each others throats, fighting for control.  Then they are fighting to control their passion.  Neither one knows what to do and how to deal with the situation they are in.

This book has a lot of love scenes in it, but the plot is really good.

I am very happy to be able to give three of you a chance to read both books!!


Patti P said...

Sweet! I love your blog!

Audrey Griffis said...

i love any romance story as long as it's not to unrealistic :)

Paula L. said...

I like them all!
jandplee at att dot net

LorettaLynn said...

Great giveaway:) the Romance bunddle look great!

elaing8 said...

my favorite is paranormal romance

chey said...

I don't have a favourite. I like most romance.
chey127 at hotmail dot com

June M. said...

I love the the publisher decided to pair up 2 different styles of books. Hopefully the will get people to try different kinds of romances. I know I read all different kinds of them.
GFC: June M.
manning_j2004 at yahoo dot com

Hot Off the Shelves said...

My favorites are Historical Romances, but I've recently been reading some contemporary, down to earth, real life style ones that were really good.

Unknown said...

I love all kinds of romance books but I probably like suspenseful romance the best! Thanks for the giveaway!

kpg813 at gmail dot com

Charity and John said...

I like historical romances!
primabee at hotmail dot com

fdigsby said...

I like historical romances

katklaw777 said...

I like romance mysteries.

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