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Friday, October 21, 2011

Survivor Fantasy Game Week 6

I still can't believe that Cochran got to blind side Elyse like that. 

Ozzy is such a baby.  Whining like that.  I also think it was really stupid that he told them about the idol.  Huge target on his back now!!

Brandon really needs to watch himself.  I think Coach is going to start gunning for him.  He keeps saying he is a Hantz!! 

Coach is supposed to be an honest honorable player, and yet he is lying and letting Brandon look for the idol when he has it!!

I can't blame Christine for being emotional.  I couldn't handle not being with other people like that in the wild.  It would freak me out!!

Ben and I love shuffleboard.  It's fun!!

Christine is doing well in this challenge.  It helps that Elyse knocked off her own puck!! 

It was pretty close in the end, but Christine pulls it off again!! 

Edna is like a little puppy dog.  She follows Coach around.  She is going to get her butt kicked off.

Ozzy is trying to get back in with the tribe.  Lets see if that helps him.

This is a fun challenge.  You build a wheel barrel, cart coconuts, dismantle the wheel barrel and make a sling shot, and then shoot the coconuts at targets!!

Rick and Brandon are working well together.  Ozzy and Dawn not so well. 

Cochran is kind of useless.  He did nothing in this challenge.  Him and Dawn gave the blue team a huge lead!

Coach is quick to try and pull Mikayla.  He wasn't doing that much better then she was!!

Mikayla needs to use two hands.

Jim kicked butt and brought the red team back from the dead.  I thought they were goners!! 

That was a nice reward they won.  Good food and a pretty view. 

Brandon has flipped per see.  He now doesn't like Edna, but he is going to stick to his "word" and vote for Mikayla anyway.  Wow!! 

Coach wont listen to Albert and wants Edna around.  Tribal will be interesting to see what happens.  Especially sense poor Rick is in the middle and has to make the deciding vote.  He was right to say "This sucks!!"

Brandon is going crazy again.  He said vote me out if we aren't going to remain loyal.  Wouldn't be a kick in the pants if he gets voted out tonight!!

Poor Rick.  I would not want to be in his shoes. 

Well obviously Rick sided with Coach.  Interesting.

Mikayla is off to Redemption.  Lets see if she can over throw Christine.

It will be interesting now to see who goes in the team of 6!!

On that note, I need to say goodbye to Vhubler.  Thank you for playing.

1. Benjamin "Coach" Wade TAKEN BY Charity and John
2. Oscar “Ozzy” Lusth TAKEN BY Tara
3. Albert Destrade TAKEN BY Farrah Shumway
4. Brandon Hantz TAKEN BY Dena Mullins
5. Christine Shields Markosk TAKEN BY Katsrus
6. Dawn Meehan TAKEN BY Ksceviour
7. Edna Ma TAKEN BY Jeanette
8. Elyse Umemoto TAKEN BY Vhubler

9. Jim Rice TAKEN BY Vicjbr
10. John Cochran TAKEN BY Liza767
11. Keith Tollefson TAKEN BY Shelley T
12. Mark Caruso TAKEN BY Debbie

13. Mikayla Wingle TAKEN BY Sam Buck
14. Rick Nelson TAKEN BY Turq
15. Semhar Tadesse TAKEN BY Dina K
16. Sophie Clarke TAKEN BY Celebrie2
17. Stacey Powell TAKEN BY Ashley S

18. Whitney Duncan TAKEN BY Larissa

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