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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Pop Rocks- My Costume Rocks Contest

Pop Rocks® Conjures Halloween Fun with “My Costume Rocks” Featuring “Flavor of the Year”

Atlanta, GA -- October 20, 2011 -- Pop Rocks® celebrates Halloween and costume creativity this October with a fun “Pop Rocks My Costume Rocks” contest for all Pop Rockers. The contest showcases photos of scary, spooky and funtastic Halloween costume photos on the Pop Rocks facebook page with a chance for participants to win a box of Pop Rocks’ “Flavor of the Year,” Pop Rocks® Grape.

Entering the contest is easy, with Pop Rockers submitting their best Halloween costume photo at the My Contest Rocks link at through Oct 31st 2011 at 11:59 pm. Then, on November 2nd, Dr. Frank Rockenstein, noted Pop Rocker and Costumologist, will randomly select five costume photos from among all the entries. Dr. Rockenstein and Pop Rocks will award each winner a box of Pop Rocks Grape, recently named “Flavor of the Year” by Pop Rocks fans worldwide.

The “My Costume Rocks” contest is part of the Pop Rocks, Halloween Spooktacular also featuring a pre-emptive safety campaign to keep youngsters safe while Trick or Treating. The 2011 Pop Rocks outreach is part of the company’s yearlong celebration marking the 35th Anniversary of Pop Rocks. For more information on My Costume Rocks and Pop Rocks please go to

About Pop Rocks:

The one and only original popping candy brand, Pop Rocks, is America’s best selling popping candy and has been enjoyed by and is a favorite of an ever-growing variety of loyal confections lovers of all ages since the 1970´s. After 35 years at retail, Pop Rocks maintains an extremely high brand awareness and continues to use unique marketing programs that appeal to kids, teens and people of all ages. Become a Pop Rocks fan on facebook by visiting today!

Editors: Safe and Happy Halloween Tips:

Acknowledging the potential dangers this spooky holiday can sometimes present, parents and children should always keep the following tips in mind as they trick or treat.

10 Tips for a Safe and Happy Halloween

Travel only in familiar neighborhoods.

Only stop at houses or apartment buildings that are well lit. Remain on the porch and never enter a person’s house.

Always travel in small groups, accompanied by an adult if under the age of 12.

Avoid very long costumes and oversized shoes, which can easily cause you to trip.

Wear reflective tape on costumes and bags so you are visible to traffic and other trick-or-treaters.

Walk, do not run, from house to house.

Always walk on sidewalks. In neighborhoods with no sidewalks, always walk on the left side of the street, facing traffic.

Always cross streets as a group on established crosswalks.

When possible use makeup instead of masks. Besides being uncomfortable, masks can obstruct a child’s view of traffic, steps, and holiday decorations.

Never eat candy until a parent or responsible adult can inspect it.

For more Halloween safety tips and suggestions visit the American Cross website at:
Pop Rocks make a great addition to recipes for homemade family fun and parties during Halloween or any holiday season. Pumpkin Patch Orange Pop Rocks’ cool mix of green and orange Pop Rocks and will add festive Halloween colors and an explosive zest to baked goods and other homemade dishes. But for those looking for some special treats for their home Halloween party try these easy to make Halloween recipes:

Edible Wizard Wands

Pretzel Rods
Baking Chocolate
Pumpkin Patch Orange Pop Rocks

Wax paper
1.Melt chocolate in deep microwave safe bowl in microwave oven according to the directions.
2.Let chocolate cool and slightly thicken for approximately one minute.
3.Pour, stir and mix desired amount of Pop Rocks into slightly thickened chocolate.
4.Dip pretzel rods midway into melted chocolate and Pop Rocks mixture.
5.Place chocolate and Pop Rocks covered pretzel rods on wax paper to let cool
6.Refrigerate until served

Drinkable Popping Potion Ingredients:

Orange and Lime Jello
Pop Rocks
Ginger ale or Lemon Lime Soda

Clear cups

1. Prepare Jello according to the instructions on the box
2. Cut the Jello up into small cubes
3. Set cubes of each flavor in a separate own bowl
4. Allow party guests to fill their cup with Jello, alternating colors as they like
5. Pour some Pop Rocks on top (not too many, or you'll have a mess)
6. Pour Ginger ale or lemon lime soda on top, and enjoy!

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