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Monday, September 19, 2011

Amazing Race Starts Sunday!! Pick Your Players!!

The 19th season of Amazing Race starts this Sunday!!!!  They are celebrating 10 years!!!  Wow does the time fly!!!

Here are this seasons players.  If you would like to play my game, just comment below as to which team you would like.  First come, first serve!!!

1. Amani and Marcus TAKEN BY Tara
2. Andy and Tommy TAKEN BY Elie
3. Bill and Cathi
4. Ernie and Cindy TAKEN BY Jakiesmom
5. Ethan and Jenna TAKEN BY Gosfam
6. Jeremy and Sandy TAKEN BY Smart Cents Mom
7. Justin and Jennifer TAKEN BY Vhubler
8. Kaylani and Lisa TAKEN BY Shelly Peterson
9. Laurence and Zac TAKEN BY Dina K
10. Liz and Marie
11. Ron and Bill TAKEN BY vicjbr


Gosfam said...

I would love to participate in the fun, Ethan and Jenna for me if possible :)

vicjbr said...

I will pick Ron and Bill please ty
GL all

Ellz said...

I would like to play with Andy and Tommy!

Dina K. said...

I would like to play and I'll take
9. Laurence and Zac

Thanks so much :)

jakiesmom said...

i love this show but am unsure how to play

Sarah Coulsey said...

Jakiesmom- All you have to do is pick a team that you think will win. Each week I will post a recap post about the show. When the show has a winner, who ever picked that team on here wins a prize!! Good luck!!

Unknown said...

I will take Justin and Jennifer please!

Sandy S said...

Us Sandy's have to stick together! I would love to have Jeremy and Sandy!


jakiesmom said...

i'll take ernie and cindy (or anyone else who is available)

Shelly Peterson said...

Love the show I will take Kaylani and Lisa. thanks

Tara said...

I would like I have Amani and Marcus.


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