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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Back To School Hop- Prize Pack Two Elementary School ~~Giveaway~~

I don't remember much about Elementary School, but it's fun for me now. 

Planning to send Ben off for his first year (Kindergarten) has been fun, and then sad.  It's hard to believe he is old enough to go, and that I am old enough to have a 5 year old!!

Here are the awesome prizes I have for the Elementary age crowd!!  There will be two winners for this group!!

Allermates is giving two children an Allergy Wristband.  ($6.99 each)

My Niece is very allergic to a lot of things.  Allermates sent me the Peanut Wristband and this will be perfect for her when she starts school.

The wristband has a fun and cute design, and is very comfortable to wear. 

Allermates also has cute T-shirts and Dog Tag Necklaces!!

Creative Changes is donating one of their great Rewarding Kids Responsibility Kits!!  ($24.95)

The kit includes-

•(1) Creative Organizer Chart with phone message area and tear away shopping list.

•(1) Family Job Chart

•(2) Child's Job Charts

•(2) Create-a-Charts

•(1) Teaching Children Responsibility Workbook: 15 pages of work charts, job cards, system cards, checklists, incentives and rewards, ideas for organizing bedrooms and more! Teaches good work habits for children of all ages.

•(3) Magnets, Static Cling Reusable Rainbow Stickers

•(1) Set of Reusable Job Stickers (Includes 16 different household jobs)

•(3 )Wipe-Off Crayons

•(10 Marker Holder.

Tie Buddies is donating a set of Tie Buddies for either a girl or a boy!! ($8.99)

These are a really neat invention to help kids learn how to tie their shoes.  We have been working with Ben, and he loves them!!  (Review coming soon!!)

 Snack Taxi is donating one Snack Sack, and One Sandwich Sack!! ($15.90)

These are great.  I love the fact that these save us from using millions of plastic bags, they are adorable, and that they are machine washable. 

Zippity Doo's is giving two Children, their complete line of hair care products!! ($50 each)

Zippity Doo's products are designed to help prevent and take care of head lice. Unfortunately, it is a very common problem amongst younger children who share hats, brushes etc.

These products are gentle and smell great. No medicine like smell!! (Review coming soon!!)

Kleen Slate is giving two children a 2 pack of KleenSlate Dry Erase paddles with markers and erasers in the handle.  They will add in some extra markers and replacement surfaces as well!!  ($15.00 each)

These are such a great idea.  Ben Jr loves markers and white boards.  He loves to draw on them!!

We are teaching him words now (he knows all his letters Yeah!!) 

Having a set of two, I can write the word, and then Ben can write it as well!!  (Review coming soon!!)

Oh and of course I will throw in some stuff too!! ($10)

*One Phineas and Ferb Book Cover
*24 Pencils
*Pencil Case
*Elmer's Glue
*Elmer's Glue Sticks

Grand Prize winner is going to get everything!!  That's over $130 in prizes!!

Second Place winner is going to get an Allermate Wristband, Complete set of Zippity Doo Hair Care products, and a Kleen Slate Pack.  That's over $70 in prizes!!

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