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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Back To School Hop- Prize Pack Three HighSchool ~~Giveaway~~

High school was fun for me!!  That was where I realized that I could do really well in School (graduated with Honors) and I really noticed boys!! 

There was that one guy that made me get up everyday.  He was the one who I got good grades for!!! 

High school was also silly time, where we tractor raced, and skipped school (all though I know it was very, very wrong and I would never, ever do that now if I could go back!!!  lol)

Scott Paul Technologies is donating one each of my new favorite products EZ Cell Holder $9.95 and a Cell Handle $19.95!!

• Stop looking for your phone

• Where’s the remote

• Keep your phone handy in the car

• Attach and detach as needed

• Nothing to break, no moving parts

• Use it almost anywhere

Kids can use this in their locker to keep their phone safe while they are in class!! 

I know that kids do not use phones while they are learning!!!

• Dont' drop your phone
• Adjustable sizing

• Attaches and detaches easily

• Works as a kick stand

• Soft and hypo-allergenic

• Fits in your Pocket

• Benefits those with limited hand dexterity

• Works with other hand held devices

• Rotates 360ยบ

Why not throw in some stuff on my own as well!!! ($25)

*Five 1 Subject Notebooks
*5 Folders
*One Package of Blue Pens (10)
*One Package of Black Pens (10)
*One Package of Red Pens (10)
*One Package of Mechanical Pencils (10)
*Two Book Covers
*Two Packages of Index Cards (70 Per Pack)
*Two Sharpie Pens
*Websters Dictionary
*Package of Paper Clips
*Staple Remover

Oh and I will also throw in a $10 Dunkin Donuts Gift Card!!  That way you can get a Breakfast Sandwich on your way to school!!!

That's almost $70 worth of Prizes!!

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