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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Disney Social Media Moms Conference Day 1 (Part 3)

Once we got back from Magic Kingdom, I said goodbye to the boys and my sister, and went over to the wedding pavilion.

As soon as I got close, there was a table set up with ladies handing out wedding ears and top hats to all!!

I had gotten a pair on our honeymoon, but they were ruined during a move. I was soooo excited to get them.

Then I went bug eyed!!

In front of the office of the wedding pavilion were two tables FULL of all sorts of candy.

The below picture is what was left when we got home, but I did get a really nice box full of jelly beans, chocolates and lolly pops!!

Isn't this a beautiful spread?? You can get this as your favor for your wedding!!!

I wish I had thought of this when we got married. All my guests would have loved it!!

There were even tables set up along the candy so we could snack, and drink champagne!!!

Outside, they set up a couple mannequins with beautiful dresses!!! Of course they are all made to resemble Disney Princess'. I would have loved to try one on!!!

I guess we were all hungry!!! The candy went pretty quickly!!

This was my favorite dress. Isn't it gorgeous??

I went inside to explore the office/meeting room to discuss wedding plans.

Here are some of the setups on display.

I love this cake!! It is sooo classic and beautiful!! The cake topper is cute, but I liked mine (bride and groom dancing)

This was the first time I had ever been in the wedding pavilion. It is beautiful!!

We got to meet one of the designers behind the gorgeous princess wedding dresses by Alfred Angelo.

It's hard to see from my picture, but that is the newest Cinderella dress, and standing behind the model is "Franc" from Father of the Bride. He was quite funny!!! He also had a partner in crime, who I think was supposed to be Edna from The Incredibles.

After hearing from Carley Roney ( and we got to meet a newly wed couple. They had gotten married in Disney 2 years ago.

Then the highlight of the day for me, and for my Sister (who was extremely jealous that I got to meet him) was David Tutera from "My Fair Wedding!!"

He talked to us about his new season and how the first episode is going to be extra special. I really want to tell you about it, but I am not going to spoil it for people who watch the show. I will tell you that you should have tissues handy. I teared up when he told us about it!!

After we heard from the speakers, we were in for a treat. The couple we had met earlier, were renewing their vows and we got to see it!!!

The bridesmaids entered the room dancing down the isle. It was a really cute twist!!

The groomsmen soon joined in, and it felt like a real celebration!!

All though the pictures didn't come out well, the bride danced down the isle too.

The couple renewed their vows (which Ben and I will do in two more years in Disney!!!) and then we walked them outside.

As soon as the couple left the pavilion, fireworks went off and the happy couple got to hop into the one and only Cinderellas Carriage. Boy was I jealous!!!

Now as we were waving goodbye to the couple, I realized I was standing in the wrong spot!!!

This gentleman below was about to set off canons!!!! Filled with streamers of course, but I had no clue if it was going to blow my eardrums or not.

Luckily the canons were not that loud, but the display they made was gorgeous!!!

After the canon fire, we were informed to head to dinner.

Wait till you see what Disney did for us!!! (Next post!!!)

**I was not compensated for this post. I was not even asked or expected to write it. I was given discounts to attend the conference, and stay in Disney World, a couple meals and gift bags. All opinions expressed are 100% my own. It is a pleasure for me to write about a company that I firmly believe in**

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