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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Adventures Of Isaiah James Beach Boy Book Review

The release of the highly anticipated debut children's
book, The Adventures of Isaiah James: Beach Boyis now upon us. Vero Beach author,
Sabrina K. Carpenter, begins this series with a triumph sure to woo even the most finicky
little readers.

The Adventures of Isaiah James series cohesively blends learning, imagination and
brilliant illustrations for young children. Sabrina's goal is to encourage the love of
reading and reveal to both parents and children that every day can be an adventure. This
series debut finds Isaiah James swimming with the dolphins, crawling with the crabs and
learning fundamentals throughout his entire journey.

"I was fortunate to be surrounded by those who encouraged my love for reading as a
child. My goal is to make reading exciting for kids while allowing them to learn and reap
the benefits that a strong educational background can provide. These are priceless
elements for our little ones!" Carpenter encourages.

After her cancer diagnosis at age nineteen, a five-year battle with the disease created a
bleak outlook for the possibility of motherhood. Sabrina was inspired to write this book
sequence after the birth of her first son, Isaiah James.

"I learned through my own experiences that life should always be treated as an adventure.
I try to pass that philosophy on to my kids so they know that dreams can never be too
large, ideas will never be far-fetched and that life is a precious gift."

About the book:

The Adventures of Isaiah James: Beach Boy by Sabrina K. Carpenter
ISBN: 978-0982773710
Publisher: Perfected Pen Publishing
Date of publish: Sept 25, 2010
Pages: 30
S.R.P.: $12.95

About the author:

Sabrina Carpenter is originally from Connecticut and currently resides in Vero Beach,
Florida. She is the business owner of both Perfected Pen and Perfected Pen Publishing
and strives to continually act as an advocate for children, education and non-profit

I thought this was a very cute book.

My 5 yr old son loves the beach so of course after reading this, he immediately started with "Can we go to the beach?" For which I had to reply "It is -10* outside with 5ft of snow on the ground. I don't think so!!!"

The illustration's are really good and colorful. Eye catching for small children.

I also like the fact that it isn't a very long book. My kids get bored very quickly if the book has too much in it.

~~All opinions expressed are 100% mine. I was not paid for this review. I did receive a copy of the book to read thanks to Bostick Communications~~

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