Sunday, March 21, 2010



I love you guys!!!!

I am now up to 12 awards!!!! I feel sooooooooo honored to know that you guys really do like me!!! LOL

Over the last couple weeks, because of Friday Follow I have met alot of great people and their awesome blogs.

So to accept all my new awards, I am going to list some (there are soooooo many) of my favorite new friends.

I have to thank a couple people first!! These are all great people, and I highly recommend checking out their blogs. You wont regret it!!!

Amy @ Keeping Up With The Schultz Family

Erin @ Amundsen House of Chaos

Amy @ Moving On From The Drama

Krystal @ Krystal's Kitsch

Courtney @ Coo Coo Courtney

Kel @ Between The Lines

Tree @ Mother Of Pearl It Is

I am awarding the One Lovely Blog Award to the following sites. These are truely Lovely Blogs!!!

They are in Alphabetical Order Only!!!

A Day In Our Life

A Little Of This And A Little Of That

Adventures Of A Military Family Of 8

Good True And Beautiful

Inside The Yellow House

LadyBug Soup

Magee Baby


Two Little Monkey's Plus Hubby

Wasabi Mommy


Amy said...

congrats on your awards! Very well deserving!

Kat said...

Congrats! I came over to your blog and just followed you from Between the Lines...Would love for you to come check out mine and follow if you'd like! =)
Also, can you tell me what the swag bucks is on the bottom of your blog?

Unknown said...

well, You have alot of awards congrats YOURS is my very first award to date, thank you I hope you win the olive thing you want. the gourmet basket.
good luck

TheSmellyArmpit said...

Thanks so much for the bloggy award!!! :) This is so much fun!

I've posted a Thank You. :)


Yellow House Knits said...

Thank you so much! How thoughtful! I posted a Thank You on Inside the Yellow House:

Hope you had a great weekend!

Sharon said...

Thanks Sarah! I really appreciate be included in this great list of Bloggers!! And kudos to you for the recognition... that's a lotta lovin' coming your way and I can see why! You go girl!

Jessica said...


Megan said...

Thanks for the award!!!!! You just made my night. :-)

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