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Thursday, September 29, 2016

Leaner Creamer Introduces New Hazelnut Flavor- Review. #NationalCoffeeDay

**All opinions expressed are 100% my own.  I was not compensated for this post.  I was given product for review purposes.**

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In honor of National Coffee Day Today, celebrate the most beloved morning beverage with Leaner Creamer, the world’s first natural powdered creamer. Available in Original and Hazelnut, Leaner Creamer is a delicious addition to your morning java that helps to promote healthy weight management.

The concept behind Leaner Creamer is simple: to replace hydrogenated and trans-fat filled creamers consumed by millions of people every day with a healthier alternative.  Its unique, proprietary formula includes coconut oil, citrus aurantium extract, hoodia and green tea extract, which work together to help speed the metabolism, aid digestion, increase lipolysis (the breakdown of lipids including fats) and suppress hunger.

Each bottle (280 grams/9.87 ounces) is non-dairy (less than .05% lactose-free milk derivative), gluten-free and sugar-free (zero grams of sugar per serving).  Ideal for those with lactose intolerance, its powdered form allows it to be conveniently stored at room temperature, with no need to refrigerate. Leaner Creamer is available on for $19.95 per bottle.


Leaner Creamer also recently debuted three proprietary coffee blends: Tiffany’s Breakfast Blend- Light Roast, Natasha’s Sunrise Blend- Medium Roast and Veronica’s Brew- Dark Roast.

Leaner Creamer Artisanal Coffee is created by using the best combination of beans married with a superb roasting process. Available on for $9.95, each blend is pre-ground for your convenience and comes in 12-oz. air-sealed, hand-crafted bags to preserve freshness.

I was sent each of the creamer flavors to try and I have to say WOW!!  They taste like traditional creamer, and are even smoother!!  The original flavor has a great vanilla taste to it, and the hazelnut is delicious too!!

I was also sent Veronica’s Brew- Dark Roast Coffee.  This is a well balanced blend and yummy!!

 Our fullest bodied roast! This blend has a lot of great character, and will give you a great experience with every cup.  Divine Dark Roast with Hints of Sinful Dark Chocolate, Hazelnut and Burnt Brown Sugar

Blend Origins- Colombia, Nicaragua, Brazil

All blends are pre-ground for your convenience and come in 12oz air-sealed, hand-crafted bags to seal in delicious freshness! Your coffee cup has found its new best friend!

If you are looking for a healthier option for your caffeine fix, give Leaner Creamer a try!!  You can purchase it through their website here.  Also make sure you follow them on Facebook and Twitter!!

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