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Friday, July 15, 2016

I See Me Personalized Books Review

**All opinions expressed are 100% my own.  I was not compensated for this post.  I was given product for review purposes**

Kids love being the stars of their very own stories, so just imagine their delight when they discover that their new storybook has a very familiar hero. Personalized storybooks from I See Me! make children feel special while encouraging important skills such as reading, letter recognition, and learning to spell their own names.

Beautifully illustrated and professionally bound, customized books from I See Me! take quality and personalization to the next level. Animals might bring letters one by one to spell out your child’s name. Fairies might bring the letters of your child’s name and then crown her as their fairy princess. The hero might have the same hair color and skin tone as your child, or a photograph of your child’s face might be playfully incorporated into the illustrations.

Storybooks from I See Me! can help children develop basic reading skills, teach them to recognize their own name in print and lay the groundwork for writing their own names. These entertaining books also build self-esteem by celebrating the uniqueness of each child.

Even though my boys are getting older, I am able to keep them young at heart with certain things.  They still love to sit down and read with Daddy, and they love to color with Mommy!!

I See Me offers personalized coloring books, reading books, and stickers.  They are perfect for us, and each boy was sent a set to explore.

Doug was sent the 1-2-3 Blast Off With Me Personalized Book, Coloring Book, and Stickers.

I love how each page is personalized with Doug's name in both the book and coloring book!!

Ben was sent the My Farm Friends Personalized Book, Coloring Book and Stickers.

Both boys love that their names and photo appear a lot.  It makes the books more magical!!

Besides the books, stickers, and coloring books, I See Me also offers personalized Lunch Boxes, Puzzles and Placemats.

All of the items would make perfect birthday gifts, or even baby shower gifts!!

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