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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Halloween Hounds: Milk-Bone Study Shows Dogs Are Ultimate Trick-or-Treaters And A ~~Giveaway~~

I am a huge Halloween fan.  Right now because the kids are still young enough, I can get away with us all wearing themed costumes.  Last year I was Alice, my Husband was a Card, and my kids were Dweedle Dee and Dweedle Dum!!  I can't wait to show you our costumes for this year, but they have to stay a secret just a little longer!!

This is our first Halloween with Kevin.  We of course bought him a costume to go along with our theme!!  I bought him another costume the other day to see how well he would handle being dressed up.  He was not as easy to keep clothed as Sammy was!!  Here is Kevin in the costume.  It's hard to tell, but he is wiggling constantly and eating the costume!!

Sammy was usually much better with keeping her clothes on!!  It must be a girl thing!!  This was our theme back in 2012.

Do you have pets that you dress up for Halloween??  I have seen not only dogs, but cats, bunnies, and even a lizard get dressed up before!!

Milk Bone has come up with a great list of Halloween stats about how pet parents and their furry friends celebrate the holiday.  Can you relate??  

Although Halloween has usually been considered a children's holiday, these days increasing numbers of "furry kids" are getting in on the fun.

Big Heart Pet Brands (the makers of Milk-Bone, Pup-Peroni, Canine Carry Outs and Milo's Kitchen) conducted an original survey of 3,000 dog parents nationwide to find the top 25 states that most like to include their pups, the nation's most popular "Doggy Halloween Tricks," and each breed's favorite special treats -- right in time for the spooky-fun holiday.

Fun Halloween Stats:


44% of NY pet parents have dressed their dog in costume versus 28% of California pet parents
38% of NY pet parents have greeted trick-or-treaters with their dog while 18% of pet parents in California have
18% of Texas pet parents have given their dog extra treats for Halloween and 16% have taken their dog trick-or-treating.


Big dogs like Dobermans and Great Danes prefer "real meat treats", while most small ones (Pomeranians and Pugs) choose "soft and chewy" snacks - like Pup-Peroni
Soft and chewy treats are also the all-time favorites of terriers (58%), and toy dogs (59%)
Biscuits and crunchy treats (like Milk-Bone) are the clear favorites of hounds (53%), herding dogs (56%), and sporting dogs (57%)


Because dogs are the ultimate tricksters, Milo's Kitchen brand dog treats wanted to uncover, for the first time, which tricks dogs are best able to perform. The nation's most popular doggy tricks are:

#1: Sit (77% of dogs can do this on command)
#2: Shake paws (58%)
#3: Lay down (57%)
#4: Stay (50%)
#5: Give a kiss (44%)
#6: Beg (31%)
#7: Roll over (27%)
#8: Speak or bark (26%)
#9: Spin (14%)
#10: Play dead (10%)

For wacky DIY doggie costumes, ideas on how to treat your pet, or for downloadable decorations to show your neighbors you're celebrating with your pup, please visit this special Howl-o-ween website, from Big Heart Pet brands' Milk-Bone, Pup-Peroni, Canine Carry Outs and Milo's Kitchen:

For a chance to see your dog's Halloween photo in the Milk-Bone Halloween website and social channels, tag it on FB, Instagram or Twitter with #TreatsForAll.

How can pet parents show they are celebrate Halloween with their pup? Download special pup decorations to show your neighbors you're celebrating with your dog at

Make sure you follow Milk Bone on Twitter @milkbone

For a chance to see your dog's Halloween photo in the Milk-Bone website, tag it on FB, Instagram or Twitter with #TreatsForAll

Milk Bone would really like to get you and your pets excited for Halloween.  Make sure you take a picture of your baby dressed up in their costume and tag it on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter using hashtag #TreatsForAll.  Your baby could be shown on Milk Bones Halloween site!!

How would you like to win your puppy some extra special Halloween treats??  Milk Bone would like to offer one lucky reader this terrific prize pack of fun treats.

Enter using the rafflecopter form below.  If you submit a photo of your pet using hashtag #TreatsForAll and @SarahsBlogOfFun, I will give you 5 extra entries every day!!

Good Luck!!  

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Isaiahsmom said...

I have 2 dogs. My beagle who is named Coco and my Sheba who is named Bacon. I also have a guinea pig too.

Isaiahsmom said...

I do dress up my beagle who goes with us Trick or Treat. She will be Toad from Nintendo.

ken ohl said...

ki ki our little pug. thakyou, ken

Shelley P said...

I have 4 dogs (Kandy, Shyla, Chanel and Itsy).

Shelley P said...

Yes, I dress my dogs up for Halloween :) Kandy is going to be a devil and Chanel a bee.

steve weber said...

I have one dog named Nancy - she is a 4 year old chug.

Charity and John said...

I have two pets. 1 cat named Sunshine and 1 dog names Jeeves.

Charity and John said...

I will dress up Jeeves as a Chef this year.

Unknown said...

I have 1 furkid named Sophia. She is a puppymill survivor for 3 years now and finding out how life is outside of a cage and is loved. She is a very spoiled black Pug.

Unknown said...

She has a queen outfit, so she will ride in her stroller with a shiny green blanket covering it, like she is on a throne. She loves attention, so yes, I dress her up.

Michele said...

I have three dogs: Jack, Butterball, and Dewey Waggles. Three cats: Cheetoh, Macy and Pippi (plus a stray I feed that I named Sugarpuss), three horses: Red, Star, and Leighla, a huge rooster and two hens.

Michele said...

No, I don't dress up the pets although I'd love to. Jack would be a superhero and Dewey Waggles should be Elvis (he's a hound dog). We've always talked about being the Scooby Doo crew - Jack would make an awesome Scooby - he'd do anything for a Scooby snack.

Elena said...

My dog's name is Zag

janetfaye said...

I have a cute little Maltipoo dog named Gizmo.

janetfaye said...

My little dog wore a skeleton sweater for Halloween.

jeanette sheets said...


Heather Dawn said...

I bought my dog a Piglet costume, but she didn't get to show it off this year :( It was rainy, so she couldn't go with us to an indoor Halloween party.

Ellen said...

I have 2 shelties, Holly and Murphy.

Ellen said...

They will be a clown and bumble bee for Halloween this year

Tylerpants said...

I have two pups named Sugar & Spice. Lisa L tylerpants(at)

Tylerpants said...

My pups were a Batman & Robin for Halloween. Lisa L tylerpants(at)

trixx said...

I have two dogs, Scout and Olive.

trixx said...

I don't dress up my dogs for Halloween

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