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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Keep Your Car Running with Pennzoil @Walmart #DropShopAndOil #CBias #AD

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Oh one of the fun things all car owners have to worry about is maintaining their car.  General maintenance, and things like oil changes are a steeple.  Ben and I used to have our own delivery company, and we would be in our car for hours a day.  The high mileage took its toll, and we would be getting oil changes every two weeks!!

In our extremely busy lives, most of us don't have time to sit around and wait while our car is being taken care of.  That is where Walmart Automotive Care Center comes in!!  Did you know that you can get your oil changed, and while you wait, get your shopping done??

That's right.  We took full advantage of that the other day when we brought Ben's car in to get an oil change at our local Walmart.  The process was very simple and easy.

We parked in the rear of the store (where our tire and lube center is.)  When you walk in, there was a computer terminal right there with a gentleman who asked what you needed, took the keys, and gave us a slip of paper.  He explained that the slip of paper gave us back our keys when the car was done, but it also let us keep track of how our car was doing throughout the whole process.

That little bar code can be used at any price checking kiosk, to tell you at what stage your car was at.  Well, any new technology/toy that comes before us, we just had to play with!!  We grabbed the bar code and went in search of a kiosk.  When we first scanned the bar code it showed us the car was in bay.  After we finished with our shopping, we scanned again, and it said your car is complete!!

Once we made our purchases, we went back to the tire/lube center, and paid for our car.  We were given a print out of all the system checks on our car, what was done, and what needs to be done.  It is very easy to read and follow.

Walmart uses Pennzoil oil which is perfect for all types of cars.  Our car used Conventional Motor Oil, but you have choices depending on your cars needs- 

Conventional Motor Oil – A traditional oil base, fortified with Active Cleaning Agents™ to continuously prevent dirt and contaminants from creating performance-robbing deposits.

High Mileage Vehicle – Helps to reduce leaks and oil consumption in worn or higher mileage engines. It's a motor oil that is specifically designed for new or late model vehicles with over 75,000 miles, to help keep the engines running clean and going strong for a long time.

Platinum (synthetic motor oil) – Best cleanliness and protection in the Pennzoil line-up. With PurePlus™ Technology, the Platinum® motor oil is proven to keep pistons up to 40% cleaner than the toughest industry standard. PurePlus™ Technology is a revolutionary process that converts natural gas into a 99.5% pure base oil.

All Pennzoil products help clean out sludge lesser oils leave behind.

Pennzoil is designed for complete protection and will allow you to drive an extra of 550 miles per year vs. a dirty engine.

No other motor oil provides better protection from friction.

Pennzoil also offers a free warranty that covers 15 engine parts that may fail due to engine wear or which experience abnormal wear due to friction. (For more information, check out the Pennzoil Warranty Site.)

If you like to save money like I do, right now Ibotta is offering $5 off one 5-quart bottle of Pennzoil Platinum with PurePlus Technology.  Ibotta is a great money earning site.  All you do is scan your purchases and receipt, and the money is put into your account!!  Pretty simple huh!!

All in all, we had a great experience that was quick, and easy to do.  We will be back for sure!!

Would you like even more great news??  Right now Pennzoil is offering a HUGE giveaway.  3 lucky winners will each win a trip to one of the Richard Petty Driving Experiences (each trip valued at $1,100). That means they get to climb into a NASCAR car for an adrenaline-pumping experience that simulates real NASCAR driving. 

How cool is that!!  You can enter by following this link- Pennzoil Richard Petty Driving School "Experience of a Lifetime" Giveaway

Make sure you hurry and enter.  There are only 10 days left!!

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David @ said...

I love getting my car's oil changed at Walmart, too! Anytime I can get my oil changed while also checking some shopping errands off of my list at the same time is a win-win! Thanks for sharing. #client

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