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Sunday, June 15, 2014

Macy's Culinary Council- Sizzle Showdown Event #GrillingGuru @Macys

**This post is sponsored by The Everywhere Society.  All opinions expressed are 100% my own.  I was compensated for this post.**

This past weekend, we were invited to attend a fun cooking event at our local Macy's. Not only did we get to watch three local chef's compete to become the next Great American Grilling Guru, but we also got to attend a fun carnival!!

Macy's knows how to throw a party!!  We arrived to see a big white tent and fun bounce houses for the kids!!

There was also a ton of cute games for the kids, snacks, drinks, and even Radio Disney was there!!

My boys especially loved the guys who were making balloon animals!!  They each had a Perry the platypus hat made!!

After we had our fill of all the attractions, we made our way to the big white tent to see the cook off.  On the way we got to see some behind the scenes magic.  There were a couple of chefs cooking some fun foods for us to try!!

The Great American Grilling Guru contest took place at 6 different Macy's locations.  At each location, three semi-finalists competed and were judged by one of Macy’s Culinary Council celebrity chefs.  The winner was picked live at each event.  The six winners will now go on to the finals in NYC and compete for the title of America’s Greatest Grilling Guru!

The three chefs we watched are all from the North East.  They were-

Sarah from Hampden Maine who made grilled chicken stuffed with herb goat cheese and prosciutto.

Erin from Brooklyn New York who made spicy grilled squid and shrimp salad with charred tomatoes, crispy watercress and cashews.

Irma from Ossining New York who made grilled bourbon glazed peaches.

Each chef had one hour to complete their dish, and then they would be judged by Chef Nancy Silverton.

While we watched the chefs cook we were entertained by Nancy Silverton and Billy Costa from KISS 108 FM in Boston.  Nancy talked about her restaurants, latest cook book, and even shared with us two of her favorite recipes.

The first is grilled radicchio with balsamic vinegar and pancetta.  This was a little on the bitter side, so it would have to be an acquired taste.  The second dish was a slider burger with a chipolte mayo, apple wood smoked bacon, and avocados.  That was really yummy, and we all wolfed that down!!  My poor 8 year old Ben grabbed what he thought was a pickle on the side and ate it.  To his dismay, it turned out to be a hot pepper.  He drank a lot of water after that!!

DJ Billy asked fun Macy's trivia through-out the one hour, and I actually got one right and won this terrific signed apron.

The question was, who is the last person to arrive by float in the Macy's Thanksgiving day parade??  I think everyone knows that one (in case you didn't, it's Santa Claus!!)

When the one hour was up, each contestant brought their dish up to Nancy to be tried and judged.  All three girls did a great job, and Nancy said all the dishes were terrific.

The winner now moves on to the finale in NYC on June 28th.  They will compete with the other five finalists to try and win the title of America’s Greatest Grilling Guru, and a $10,000 prize.  Would you like to know who won from my location??

Sarah won!!!! (It has to be partially because of the name!!!)  Congratulations Sarah, and best of luck in the final competition.

Thank you to Macy's for inviting us to this fun event!!  We had a blast, and can not wait to see what else you have in store for us!!

**This post is sponsored by The Everywhere Society.  All opinions expressed are 100% my own.  I was compensated for this post.**

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