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Thursday, September 5, 2013

Should All Employees Wear Uniforms? #Spon

**This is a sponsored post.  It was written by someone else, and I was compensated for it.**

One of the decisions many business owners face is whether or not to require work uniforms for their employees. Like most choices in business, there are a number of pros and cons to consider in making that decision. Some of the factors involved include:

• Professional image for the company. Many clients appreciate dealing with companies on a professional basis. Uniforms give a consistent presentation of your company and are a part of establishing your brand. Especially when workers are in the homes or businesses of the company’s customers, this can be a real plus. Many workers simply can’t be trusted to show up in clean and acceptable attire and a uniform ensures a level of quality control with the appearance of your employees.

• Employee morale. Many business consultants and human resource advisers contend that your employees enjoy identifying with their companies and a uniform can be a big part of this. Also, the better the reputation of the company, the more employees receive benefit from being associated with it. When they are seen in a uniform that identifies them with a popular company, it is a plus to them.

• Advertising. Service companies especially benefit from a greater awareness of their company when employees wear a uniform with identifiable logos on them. It is another effective way of getting your company name in front of prospects and serves as a traveling billboard.

• There are, of course, potential negatives that include rude or negative employees reflecting poorly on the company. 

Many businesses find that the advantages of uniforms are greater than the negatives

**This is a sponsored post.  It was written by someone else, and I was compensated for it.**

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