SARAH'S BLOG OF FUN: I Am At The Airport!! #LittleMermaidEvent #DisneyPlanesPremiere

Sunday, August 4, 2013

I Am At The Airport!! #LittleMermaidEvent #DisneyPlanesPremiere

I am at the airport waiting to board my first ever flight across the US to Hollywood, and by myself!!  I always fly with my Husband and always to Orlando!!!  Can you guess why!!!

I am leaving from Hartford CT, with a stop over in Detroit.  Another place I have never been to before.  I only have 45 minutes, so I doubt I will see much!!

For the next three days, please make sure you follow along with the above hashtag's and join in on the fun of the Disney Planes Premiere, and Little Mermaid Event.  I have a lot of fun surprises planned with of course Disney magic!!!

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1 comment:

Caroline08 said...

Have a great trip with murmaid's baby stuff ;) Greetings!

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