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Friday, June 21, 2013

Learning Resources Family Counters Contest Almost Over!!

Learning Resources' terrific promotion for you to win gift cards by taking your Family Counters with you where ever you go is almost over!!  Have you entered yet??

Create your family using the Family Counters and submit photos showing:
1.     Everyday family adventures (going to the grocery store, shopping, going for a walk, eating dinner, etc.) or
2.     Different family events (Holidays, Vacations, etc.)

Then upload your photos to the Learning Resources’ Facebook wall

—  Monthly winners will be selected based on:
—  Most unique & creative photo
—  Best photo name
(Winner gets $25 LR gift card)
—  Grand prize winner will be selected based on:
—  Most number of votes (via LR’s Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter)
—  The top 2 most voted photos advance to the final round
—  The LR team will select the winner
(Winner gets $250 LR gift card)

Be sure to follow Learning Resources on FacebookTwitter and Pinterest to keep up on all the latest for this promotion and for new items coming soon!!

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