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Monday, June 17, 2013

Getting Clean Dishes With Cascade© Platinum Pacs #MyPlatinum #Sponsored

Disclosure: I was not financially compensated for this post.  The opinions expressed are 100% my own.  I did receive a package of Cascade for review purposes and a thank you gift code.    I participated in this campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Cascade

I hate doing the dishes.  It is one of those chores that I let my Husband do.  Of course I am the kind of person who won't complain to him about how he does them, but I find myself re-doing them because they are not up to my standards (which is just silly!!)

When we bought our house, I was giddy, giddy, giddy that we now had a dishwasher!!  No more winter dry hands, and getting icky food stuck under my nails!!

Over the years we have tried a variety of detergent for the dishwasher.  The only one that cleans our dishes to my standard is Cascade.  I love the fact that Cascade is also one of the only companies that offers coupons on a fairly regular basis, and they are worth while coupons!!

Take a look at all the power wrapped up in one little square.

What it is: Cascade© Platinum Pacs deliver the most powerful clean available from Cascade while simultaneously helping to maintain the sparkling look of your clean dishwasher interior.

How it works: Cascade© Platinum Pacs feature an advanced triple action recipe that is specially designed to
leave dishware virtually spot-free and help prevent the build-up of hard-water film on dishwasher walls.

*Use a dishwasher cleaner to remove existing build-up on wall interiors.*

Why you need it: Cascade© Platinum Pacs achieve a top-tier clean so powerful that they even help keep your dishwasher machine sparkling and deliver a variety of dish care benefits:

• Powers away tough, 24 hour stuck-on food
• Eliminates the need to pre-wash dishes
• Helps maintain the look of new machines and helps prevent additional hard-water build-up
• Delivers exceptional dishware shine

About Cascade Platinum Technology:

Cascade Platinum features a premium, advanced triple-action formula specially designed to deliver Cascade’s best-in-market performance:

• Increased enzyme power delivers better tough food cleaning than Cascade Complete Pacs

• Unique liquid-top dual surfactant system delivers exceptional shine for the dishes AND helps keep your dishwasher sparkling

• Specially designed chelant and polymer system helps prevent hard-water film build-up on your dishes, glasses and even the interior walls of your dishwasher

• The chelant is designed to fight Calcium that comes in with hard-water and food to help deliver virtually film-free dishes wash after wash

Those little squares pack quite a wallop when it comes to cleaning.  

I have thrown cake pans, brownie pans and spaghetti sauce pans in the dishwasher, and they all come out spotless.

Even people like Gail Simmons (Top Chef Judge) know how great Cascade is and what a truly clean plate represents!!  

*Cascade’s Partnership with Gail Simmons:

Now, more than ever, people eat with their eyes, and the evidence is all over sites like Facebook and
Instagram. With that in mind, Top Chef judge and editor of Food+Wine magazine, Gail Simmons, has
partnered with Cascade to discuss why presentation is just as important as preparation.

· From prep to plating: It’s more than just a great-tasting recipe, but also perfect presentation.
Sparkling dishes, shining flat ware and spot-free glasses truly let you put your best food forward
with culinary creations that pop!

· Gail recommends impressing with a Platinum Presentation: “The easiest recipes pop with
unexpected, gourmet presentations. Drizzle bright sauces on sparkling white plates or layer
desserts in crystal-clean glassware. Keep your presentation sparkling with Cascade Platinum,
which keeps dishes perfect for anytime entertaining and impromptu guests.”

Right now Cascade is running a terrific promotion where each week for four weeks, two lucky winners are going to get a new Whirlpool Dishwasher, and one lucky Grand Prize winner will get a Platinum Kitchen Makeover.  

How cool is that!!  Entering the contest is really easy.  Check out all the specifics below and make sure you like Cascade on Instagram and Facebook to enter!!  I know my fingers are crossed for a new kitchen!!!

Cascade Platinum Contest Details:

The Cascade “My Platinum” contest is a four-week Instagram contest encouraging fans to upload photos related to the weekly contest themes. Show off how sparkly Cascade makes all your pots, pan and plates!

· Visit the contest landing page for information on how to enter and submit images:

○ The landing page will prompt users to sign up for Instagram if they are not currently users of the app.

· Each week, two contestants will be selected to receive a brand new Whirlpool dishwasher. Additionally, one lucky grand prize winner will receive a Platinum kitchen makeover!

To win, users have to both register and upload a photo with the #MyPlatinum hashtag and tag @MyCascade. Participants that have not registered will be disqualified from winning.

Each week will have a 6-day entry period where Instagram users can enter the contest with their #MyPlatinum Photo. Cascade will choose two weekly winners and one final grand prize winner after the entry period has ended. Please be sure to include both the #MyPlatinum hashtag and tag @MyCascade in your entries to the contest!

· Week 1: My Platinum Plate (Entry Period: 6/3-6/9) Show us your best dish styled from the sparkling plate up!

· Week 2: My Platinum Bite (Entry Period: 6/10-6/16) Show us your best bite and most creative use of sparkling silverware!

· Week 3: My Platinum Clink (Entry: 6/17-6/23) Show us how you serve up creative concoctions in sparkling glasses. Cheers!

· Week 4: My Platinum Table (Entry Period: 6/24-6/30) Show us your sparkling tablescape for your most special celebrations!

· Grand Prize Winner (Entry: 6/3-6/30)

Disclosure: I was not financially compensated for this post.  The opinions expressed are 100% my own.  I did receive a package of Cascade for review purposes and a thank you gift code.  I participated in this campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Cascade

This post is written by Sarah Coulsey. She is a Wife, and Mother of two boys living in New England. This post may contain affiliate links. Follow on Bloglovin

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