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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Survivor Season 26 Episode 4 Game #Survivor

Yes I know I am extremely behind on these posts.  Bare with me, A LOT of them are coming!!!  I will still take new players if you want to join in until next weeks new episode on Wednesday!!

I really do not like Shamar.  He has really bad mood swings!!

Wow the fans are now divided   Reynold and Eddie are on their own.  

Phillip gets weirder and weirder.  What is with the Stealth R Us??  He has gone around and names everyone on the tribe a covert name.

The reward challenge is interesting.  The tribes band together and have to carry team members on platforms through the water.  

The favorites did really well carrying their tribe members.  Wow they crammed those players on that platform and won!! 

The was funny how Shamar yells "that's what I am talking about" thinking his team won, and they didn't!!

The favorites got to have a local bushman come to their camp and show them how to live off the land.  How he cooked rice and the other food was neat using the bamboo.  

Shamar was showing his lazy side again.  He wants the tribe to cater and serve him.  Someone needs to slap him.  I would not tolerate his attitude!!

That was some pretty bad weather.  It rained so much that the rats on the island were hiding out in the favorites bed area.  Ewww.

Shamar is now whining that he scratched his eye and can not see properly.  Here comes the medic.

The medic says he has an abrasion, and recommends him being pulled.  He leaves the game.

Immunity challenge involves smashing tiles to get keys, then collect sandbags and throw them at poles to knock down their flag.

Favorites are really fast.  Fans had a slow start.  They seem to be staying one lap behind the favorites.

The fans play a nice game of catch up at the end with Reynold tossing the bean bags to knock off the blocks, but they couldn't quite pull it off.  Favorites took another win.    

I really think that the fans would be wise to get rid of Laura, but they never do what I think is smart.  We shall see.

The tribe is torn with what to do.  I would vote a couple for Reynold to get rid of the idol, and then the rest for Laura.

I agree with Reynold that the tribe really needs to think carefully.  There will be a merge at some point.  The alliance will break up.  Five people can not win the game.  

Finally they did something right and got rid of Laura.  In order to stay strong, they needed her gone.  Reynold used his idol though.  That stinks for him in the future.

Laura hadn't been picked, so I don't need to get rid of anyone!!


Eddie Fox
Hope Driskill
Julia Landauer
Laura Alexander
Matt Bischoff
Michael Snow
Reynold Toepfer
Shamar Thomas
Alexandra “Allie” Pohevitz
Sherri Biethman


Erik Reichenbach TAKEN by vicjbr
Francesca Hogi
John Cochran TAKEN by ksceviour
Malcolm Freberg TAKEN by Marilyn's Money
Brandon Hantz TAKEN by Charity and John
Corinne Kaplan from SURVIVOR: GABON
Dawn Meehan TAKEN by Deb

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