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Sunday, February 24, 2013

The Oscars Are Tonight!! Who Are You Routing For?? #Oscars #DisneyPictures #DisneySMMoms

Ah the Oscars. The award of all awards!! 

This year there are a lot of movies, and actors I am routing for (ahem Disney!!!)  Here are some of my favorite categories.

Who are your favorites to win??  I have highlighted in red who I hope will win.

** Are Winners!!

Best Picture-

Beasts Of The Southern Wild
Django Unchained
Les Misérables
Life Of Pi
Silver Linings PlayBook
Zero Dark Thirty

Actor In A Leading Role-

Bradley Cooper -Silver Linings PlayBook
**Daniel Day-Lewis-Lincoln
Hugh Jackman -Les Misérables
Joaquin Phoenix-The Master
Denzel Washington-Flight

Actor In A Supporting Role-

Alan Arkin -Argo
Robert De Niro -Silver Linings PlayBook
Philip Seymour Hoffman -The Master
Tommy Lee Jones-Lincoln
**Christoph Waltz Django Unchained

Actress In A Leading Role-

Jessica Chastain-Zero Dark Thirty
**Jennifer Lawrence-Silver Linings PlayBook
Emmanuelle Riva-Amour
Quvenzhané Wallis-Beasts Of The Southern Wild
Naomi Watts-The Impossible

Actress In A Supporting Role-

Amy Adams -The Master
Sally Field-Lincoln
**Anne Hathaway-Les Misérables
Helen Hunt-The Sessions
Jacki Weaver-Silver Linings PlayBook

Animated Feature Film-
(This is really tough for me because I loved them all!!)
The Pirates! Band Of Misfits
Wreck-It Ralph

Visual Effects-

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey
**Life Of Pi
Marvel’s The Avengers
Snow White And The Huntsman

Short Film (Animated)-

Adam And Dog
Fresh Guacamole
Head Over Heels
Maggie Simpson In “The Longest Daycare”        

This post is written by Sarah Coulsey. She is a Wife, and Mother of two boys living in New England.

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