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Thursday, February 28, 2013

The Amazing Race Season 22 Episode 2 Game #AmazingRace

The first leg today is to take a water taxi to the wedding chapel on another island.  The chapel is so cute, and wow what a view!!!

Eww, the hockey players made the funny joke that one is Prince William (and he does kind of look like him,) but then he took his teeth out!!  Yuck!!

David and Connor are first so far.  They either harvest pearls in the detour or they dive to the bottom of the ocean and set up a picnic table under water!!  That sounds like fun!!

Ut oh, David and Connor got all the way to the detour spot, and then realized they did not have their snorkeling gear.  Big mistake.

Mona and Beth seem to be the only team so far doing the trunk challenge.

The twins seem to be really afraid of the water.  That's not good.  Both challenges are water related.  I am not big on deep water either, but for a million dollars I would do it!!!

Joey and Meghan have the right idea.  They are very smart with the one person in the water, and the other person opening the shells.  They finished first.

Now the teams get to ride a jet ski and use a map to find out where to go next.

The last two teams who took the penalty last leg are only about an hour and a half behind the other teams.  They have a chance.  Especially since the twins are still there struggling.

The next challenge is to walk on stilts and kick a coconut across the beach!!

Anthony is doing well, and so is Connor.  

It was a race to the finish line and Anthony and Bates are team #1!!  David and Connor came in a very close second.  Anthony and Bates won a trip to London!!!

Idries and Jamil are pulling one shell out at a time.  This is going to take them forever.

Chuck is always leaving Wynona behind when it comes time to run!!

Idries and Jamil gave up on the shells and went to the trunk challenge.  I hope that helps them and doesn't hurt them.

Caroline and Jennifer came from behind and came in 7th place.  Max and Katie came in 8th.

Even though it took Pamela and Winnie a long time to complete the challenge, they came in 9th place.

Idries and Jamil came in last and were eliminated.  

See you all on Sunday.  If you would like to play the game, just pick a team and comment below with their names!!

Max and Katie
Matthew and Daniel
Mona and Beth
Pamela and Winnie
Bates and Anthony
Caroline and Jennifer
Chuck and Wynona
David and Connor  TAKEN by Charity and John
Idries and Jamil
Jessica and John
Joey and Meghan

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