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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Survivor Season 26 Episode 3 Game #Survivor

Sometimes when you get a bunch of girls together, there are cat fights.  On the fans team, it is the boys who are constantly fighting!!  Shamar seems to be the ring leader!!

Phillip just gets weirder and weirder!!

Malcolm and Corinne found the idol on the favorites team.  Good for them, all though I never understand people when they team up to find an idol that only helps one person.

One of the things I really don't like about this game is all of the back stabbing.  I can not do that.  I would be horrible at it and would not make it very far.

Shamar is talking about leaving the game.  I am leaning towards him just being full of crap!!

Another under water challenge.  The players have to swim out to a big cage, climb into it, unlock a chest and then drag it back to shore.  They then put the chest on a ramp that they build along the way, and drag the chest to the finish.  This looks like a tough challenge.  

They are also playing for reward.  They get comfort items.  Blankets and pillows.

Both teams are doing well.  They get up and over the cage quickly, and the fans take an early lead on dragging the chest.

It was neck and neck for awhile until the very end and the favorites pull it off again!!

Shamar goes off again when they get back to camp.  The challenge required going under water.  Shamar was mad that he wasn't given the goggles because he wears contacts.  I wear glasses and contacts as well.  He could have just kept his eyes closed or he should have held onto the goggles!!

The alliance of 6 decided to vote three and three Eddie and Hope.  That way they can flush out the idol.  Shamar opened his big mouth and spilled most of the beans to hope.  The rest of the alliance is mad, so now I have no clue who is going home!!  Shamar made a boo boo!!

At tribal, Shamar is getting himself in more and more trouble.  The boys are just full of drama!!

I honestly have no clue who is going home.  I would like to see Shamar gone, but they never vote the way I want them too!!

Wow that is interesting.  They made it a three way tie.  It is Shamar, Hope and Eddie.  I don't think I have ever seen that!!

They are re-voting to determine who goes home.  Shamar, Hope and Eddie can not vote.    

I should have seen that coming.  They got rid of Hope.  To me that was silly.  I really do not like Shamar and his attitude!!!

No one picked her, so I don't have to say goodbye to anyone!!

If you would like to play, just pick who you think will win, and comment below with their name!!  See you all on Wednesday!!  


Eddie Fox
Hope Driskill
Julia Landauer
Laura Alexander
Matt Bischoff
Michael Snow
Reynold Toepfer
Shamar Thomas
Alexandra “Allie” Pohevitz
Sherri Biethman


Erik Reichenbach TAKEN by vicjbr
Francesca Hogi
John Cochran TAKEN by ksceviour
Malcolm Freberg TAKEN by Marilyn's Money
Brandon Hantz TAKEN by Charity and John
Corinne Kaplan from SURVIVOR: GABON
Dawn Meehan TAKEN by Deb

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