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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Survivor Season 26- Episode 1 Recap

Another Fans Vs Favorites!!  Some of those favorites are scary, and I can for see a lot of fights!!

Wow they start a challenge right off the bat!!

Gross Philip is already in his underwear.  This season is pink!!

The life preserver challenge was interesting.  Phillip dragged a fan by his leg to get a point!!

Malcolm is loosing his pants!!  He made the last point though, so the favorites win the first challenge!!

Matt and Shamar are already fighting.  Matt was building the shelter, and Shamar was just lecturing, not actually working!!

Phillip is complaining about which way he lays his head.  He wants to wake up to see the ocean.  Wow!!

Francesca and Phillip are not off to a good start.  Why would she want to a-line with him when they clearly do not get a long??

The fans got fire going.  That's pretty good.

Phillip and all of the favorites are strategy playing already.  I don't know if Phillips strategy is going to work.  He is basically telling people you are either with me or against me!!

Edie is very egotistical!  I do not like that kind of attitude.  He is the "most attractive" on the team.

Reynold and Ally are already targets because they were a little too cozy in the shelter!!

Cochran is pretty badly sun burned!!

Shamar is really flexible for a big guy!!

The immunity challenge looks like fun.  They have to run up a huge tower and find crates of sandbags.  They then get to throw the crates to break them.  Once they break all the crates, they have to try to get the sandbags into 6 different holes on a big board.

The Favorites took an early lead and were kicking butt, but the fans came back quickly at the end, and won!!

The two names being thrown around at camp are Phillip and Francesca.  How horrible would that be if she got voted off first again!!

I have no clue who has an alliance on that team.  They all seem to have 10 or more going on.

Now they are throwing Andrea's name in the mix.  I am really confused, and have no clue how they are all voting!!

Tribal was quite calm.  I was expecting more drama!!

Oh my, poor Francesca.  Voted out first again!!  Wow!!

If you would like to join in on the fun and play along, comment below with who you are hoping will win!!


Eddie Fox
Hope Driskill
Julia Landauer
Laura Alexander
Matt Bischoff
Michael Snow
Reynold Toepfer
Shamar Thomas
Alexandra “Allie” Pohevitz
Sherri Biethman


Erik Reichenbach TAKEN by vicjbr
Francesca Hogi
John Cochran TAKEN by ksceviour
Malcolm Freberg TAKEN by Marilyn's Money
Brandon Hantz TAKEN by Charity and John
Corinne Kaplan from SURVIVOR: GABON
Dawn Meehan TAKEN by Deb

This post is written by Sarah Coulsey. She is a Wife, and Mother of two boys living in New England.

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