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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Holiday Gift Guide- The Warrior Book Review And ~~Giveaway~~ 2 Winners

From the Isle of Skye to the battlefields of France, Duncan MacDonald has never escaped the memory of the true love he left behind. Deemed unworthy of a chieftain's daughter, Duncan abandoned the lovely Moira to prove his worth in battle. Now, when called upon to rescue her from a rival clan, one thing is certain: Moira's pull on his heart is stronger than ever.

Bartered away in marriage to a violent man, Moira will do anything to ensure she and her son survive. When a rugged warrior arrives to save her, the desperate beauty thinks her prayers have been answered-until she realizes it's Duncan. The man who once broke her heart is now her only hope. Moira vows never again to give herself-or reveal her secrets-to the fierce warrior, but as they race across the sea, danger and desire draw them ever closer.

I love the Highlander series.  I have read all of the books.  Margaret Mallory has a great writing style that makes her books page turners!!

In this book you get to see the love story of Moira and Duncan.

They were childhood sweethearts, even though Duncan was of lower class the Moira.  Their love affair was secret, but when it finally becomes known, Duncan is given the choice of going off to fight, or staying home and not being with Moira.  He chooses to fight, so as not to feel the pain of watching her marry another.

Moira is in love with Duncan, but with her past history of acting like a spoiled princess, her father doesn't believe her until it's too late.  Duncan is gone, and Moira is arranged to marry another equal class Highlander.  

You then flash forward 7 years, and you get to see the lives Duncan and Moira have lived separately.  Duncan has proven himself time and time again as a perfect warrior.  Moira has lived a life of hell.  

When Moira's husband takes things too far, Moira is rescued by the one person she never thought she would see again, Duncan.

This was a terrific action packed book that I could not put down.  

If you love Margaret Mallory and the books about the Highlanders of Scotland, you will love this one!!

I am very fortunate enough to be able to give two lucky readers a copy of the book to read for themselves, or to give as a gift!   

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Unknown said...

You are right. This HAS been a great series. Besides this new book, I want to read Shades of Gray by Maya Banks.

cheryl c said...

Unknown is ME! :-)

Unknown said...

I'm looking forward to reading Lord's Fall by Harrison

Carol L. said...

Larissa Ione's Rogue Rider. Love Margaret Mallory's books.GFC is Lucky47.

Carol L
Lucky4750 (at) aol (dot) com

fdigsby said...

I want to read Flight Behavior: A Novel

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