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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Revlon Expression Experiment Review #Revlon

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Revlon for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.


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Ben and I do not get to go out much.  With two kids and work, there isn't much time for a night out.  When we do get to be alone and go to a nice restaurant, I like to get dressed up. That way I can feel more like a women and not just a Mommy.  

I will put on a pretty dress, and actually wear makeup!!  Working from home, I don't need to get dolled up.  The makeup in my house usually expires before I use it!!!

I was extremely excited when I was chosen to be a part of the Revlon Expression Experiment.  It gave Ben the push to make sure we got to go out!!

I was sent some terrific revlon products to try like their lipsticknail polishmakeup primer and eye shadow.

I got to sit in front of the mirror and get all pretty for Ben!!




I started by painting my nails.  Yes those are real!!!  I love the color.  It is a nice deep blue.  The best part was that the nail polish lasts.  I wash my hands a lot during the day, and normally the polish on my nails wears off really quick.  This polish lasted for weeks!!


After the nails, we started with a fresh clean palate!!!




I am a more traditional girl, so I wasn't sure about going wild, but for me I did!!



I used the primer and then put two different green eye shadows on my lids.  I love the color.  It sparkles!!


After the shadow, I added some lip gloss, and eye liner, and was good to go!!!  



In this picture I look really pale.  It is the lighting.  I am really not that big of a ghost!!!


Over all I love the makeup I was sent, and I can't wait to convince Ben to take me out again!!


The purpose of the Revlon Expression Experiment is to help empower women.  Revlon wants you to know you can be who you want to be and feel how you want to feel.


I admit that when I wear makeup, I feel prettier, and I do feel powerful (at least over Ben!!)


Do you wear makeup?  How do you feel when you do?  I would love to hear how you feel.  


Don't forget to check out the Revlon Expression Experiment App on Facebook.  You can use it to find your correct makeup style!!

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