SARAH'S BLOG OF FUN: Laura's Moxie Luxe “Hoot Owl” Jewelry Collection

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Laura's Moxie Luxe “Hoot Owl” Jewelry Collection

Whoo whooo needs new jewelry for under $10? Laura's Moxie Luxe “Hoot Owl” collection is now 25% off! This means everything owl is marked down &mdash jewelry and SweeTea Crystal included! Shipping for jewelry is FREE through August 31.

This collection is a best seller, on sale for great prices and could not be cuter! The $5 extra small bauble pendant is now $3.75; you can get two hairpins for $7.50 (usually $10)! This is especially a great deal because the items are made by hand by Laura herself. Log into your ReferredMEDIA account to find different size images and vertical banners.

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