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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Hell's Kitchen Season 10 Episode 16

I am still in shock that Ramsey got rid of Brian. I thought he would make it further. At least to the Black Jackets!!

The Chefs had to figure out the ingredients in two signature dishes from professional chefs. The ingredients were tough. I never would have been able to figure those out!!

Now they have to recreate Ramsey's dish. This should be interesting!!

Dana and Clemenza's dish was the one that stood out. They did things differently from the other two teams.

It comes down to a three way tie. Dana and Clemenza pulled it off with knowing what wine was in the sauce!!

The others have to clean the dinning room with James!!

Clemenza and Dana had a lot of fun with their jet skies and private lunch.

Poor Justin had to learn how to iron, and he had to do it with someone else's shirts!!

For dinner service, the 6 remaining Chef's had to compete against past runners up. Wow I forgot about half of them!!! This should be a good fight!!

The oldies start off very strong. Newbies are ok, but much slower. Then Clemenza and Robin start cooking food not ordered. Not good.

Dana is in the weeds but refuses to ask for help. Ramsey tells her to ask for help from Clemenza or Robyn. Clemenza tries to help, but messes up on the scallops. Robyn and Dana do not get along, and scallops are messed up again.

Ramsey is highly impressed with the oldies. They are kicking butt. However he is not happy with Robyn and Dana. He pulls Dana out of the kitchen!! Tells her to get a voice!!

The oldies won!! They had a lot more to prove this time around!!

All the current Chef's are fighting. They can't decide who to put up.

They start by voting Robyn, and their second vote goes to Clemenza. I have no clue which one is going home. They both have issues and trouble in the kitchen.

Robyn was sent home. I knew she wouldn't win. She had too many problems in the kitchen.

No one picked her, so I don't have to send anyone home!!!

See you all next episode!!

1. Barbie Marshall TAKEN by Savannah
2. Brian Merel TAKEN by Katsrus
3. Briana Swanson TAKEN by Donna
4. Christina Wilson TAKEN by Shelley T
5. Chris Carrero
6. Clemenza Caserta
7. Dana Cohen
8. Danielle Rimmer
9. Don Savage TAKEN by Debbie
10. Guy Vaknin TAKEN by Rachel M
11. Justin Antiorio TAKEN by Kristin Gilbert
12. Kimmie Willis
13. Patrick Cassata TAKEN by Charity and John
14. Robyn Almodovar
15. Roshni Gurnani (from Boston!!)
16. Royce Wagner TAKEN by Wahm Connect Reviews & Giveaways
17. Tavon Hubbard
18. Tiffany Johnson

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