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Monday, July 9, 2012

Make Me Laugh Monday 7/9/12

I was so excited yesterday. My parents took the kids to the beach, so Ben and I had a day to ourselves!!!

I got to take a nice uninterrupted bath, and then we went to the movies together!!

Since the only two movies we really want to see the kids would love to see too, we went to see Magic Mike.

We actually found it kind of funny. I am not the kind of girl who enjoys strip clubs (never even been to one) but the guys and girls in this one made us laugh a lot. Plus it gave me some ideas on what Ben should be doing at home!!!

About half way through the movie, the fire alarms went off, and we were evacuated.

Never in our lives have we ever been evacuated from a movie theater before!! It was exciting and kind of fun!!!

I had my purse, and Ben carried our $8 sodas. No way was I leaving those behind!!

Being a Sunday early afternoon, there were not too many people there, even with five movies playing (this is a small town theater!!)

So here we all are standing outside. Waiting to hear what happened.

10 minutes go by, before we are told that two little old ladies hit the fire alarm!!! We knew it wasn't a fire, but never would I have thought that two ladies in their 70's/80's would have done something like that.

We still had to stand there and wait for the firemen to come and clear the building which was another 5 more minutes.

If this had been a real fire, I would have been very worried, considering the fire department is right across the street!!!

They did show, gave us the all clear, and we got to resume the movie. We missed about a half hour of it, but it wasn't a loss to Ben and I. We thought the fire alarm was more exciting!!!

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