SARAH'S BLOG OF FUN: Hell's Kitchen Season 10 Episode 15

Friday, July 27, 2012

Hell's Kitchen Season 10 Episode 15

Right off the bat, they are put in a cooking challenge (communication relay) where they switch off every 15 minutes. These challenges are hard.

Neither team looks like they are doing very well. Not very good communication.

Both teams risottos were nasty. Their fishes were not any better.

Not one dish was edible. Ramsey could not pick a winner for the first time ever. They both lost, and would have had a cool helicopter ride with a visit to the beach. Instead they are cleaning the cars and the outside of the restaurant.

I can't believe they are going right into a dinner service. This should be interesting.

The blue team so far is doing well. Lets see if they can hold that.

Christina did well on the risotto, but made way too much. Then she almost mixed old with new. Ramsey caught her. She was lucky.

Clemenza brought up three pans of risotto in three different colors. This was for one table. Yah he got yelled at!!

Barbie kept annoying Christina with asking her does she need help, and Christina burnt a risotto. She did bounce back.

Brian messes up on the meat. It was very raw. Robyn had to redo the garnish, instead she put it in the oven, and Ramsey caught her. That's a no no. She starts fighting with the team, saying they told her to do it. Take the blame!

Justin re-heated the bass. OH MY!! These guys are dumb.

Ramsey is yelling at the blue team, and while he does that a pan catches on fire. Ramsey looks quickly and still keeps yelling!!

The red team is doing well. Dana was cooking three sea bass' in three pans, and Ramsey corrects her. Take the lesson and learn from it. Quit complaining. I think Ramsey knows what he is doing.

Red team finishes service, and the blue team hasn't sent out one ticket. Ouch.

Ramsey is so mad at Brian for his raw meat, that he sends Barbie over to help him.

Barbie did a very good job tonight. She really helped the blue team.

The read team did so well that Ramsey gave them all black jackets!!

Robyn and Brian started going at it. Robyn is going up, but they couldn't come to an agreement about who is second.

Ramsey made them all come forward. Not good.

Clemenza and Justin got jackets right off the bat. It came down to Brian and Robyn, and Brian was the one not to get a jacket.

On that note I need to say goodbye to Katsrus. Thank you for playing.

See you all on Monday!!

1. Barbie Marshall TAKEN by Savannah
2. Brian Merel TAKEN by Katsrus
3. Briana Swanson TAKEN by Donna
4. Christina Wilson TAKEN by Shelley T
5. Chris Carrero
6. Clemenza Caserta
7. Dana Cohen
8. Danielle Rimmer
9. Don Savage TAKEN by Debbie
10. Guy Vaknin TAKEN by Rachel M
11. Justin Antiorio TAKEN by Kristin Gilbert
12. Kimmie Willis
13. Patrick Cassata TAKEN by Charity and John
14. Robyn Almodovar
15. Roshni Gurnani (from Boston!!)
16. Royce Wagner TAKEN by Wahm Connect Reviews & Giveaways
17. Tavon Hubbard
18. Tiffany Johnson

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