SARAH'S BLOG OF FUN: Hell's Kitchen Season 10 Episode 12

Friday, July 27, 2012

Hell's Kitchen Season 10 Episode 12

Sorry I am so late with these recaps. It is just so hard to find time to watch TV!!!

Robyn is still annoying everyone, and Tiffany and Brian's fight was interesting.

I could not do this wing eating contest. I don't like wings, so that doesn't help the situation!!!

Four Chefs against a competitive eater. Joey the professional eater won!! Wow.

Now Ramsey is making them do a palate test. After all those wings the four chefs that ate have a dis-advantage.

Some of these Chef's are horrible with their taste buds. Of course it comes down to the last pair and the last item.

Good job Justin. He got four for four and won it for the blue team!! As a reward they get to go to a water park that is only open to them. Pretty cool. The red team gets to deal with delivery day!!

The water park looks like so much fun!! I want to go!!

The red team drives me up the wall with their fighting. Yes Barbie was being lazy, but don't they realize that Ramsey is watching them and can tell who pulls their weight and who doesn't

Kimmie is really a PITA.

Yes the girls punishment was crappy, but it could have been worse.

This will be interesting. The red team and blue team get to make their own menus.

Kimmie has major problems with the menu and she is fighting with the others.

Clemenza is a slob. Did you see the stains down his jacket. If he knows he is going to be messy, why not wear an apron?

Barbie spent 2+ hours cleaning mussels. Wow.

Ramsey is tasting their dishes. The red team had one dish completely knocked out, and their mussels looked icky!!

The blue team had most of their dishes kicked out and Ramsey was about to kick out Clemenza for showing raw meat and bones then.....

To be continued!!

1. Barbie Marshall TAKEN by Savannah
2. Brian Merel TAKEN by Katsrus
3. Briana Swanson TAKEN by Donna
4. Christina Wilson TAKEN by Shelley T
5. Chris Carrero
6. Clemenza Caserta
7. Dana Cohen
8. Danielle Rimmer
9. Don Savage TAKEN by Debbie
10. Guy Vaknin TAKEN by Rachel M
11. Justin Antiorio TAKEN by Kristin Gilbert
12. Kimmie Willis
13. Patrick Cassata TAKEN by Charity and John
14. Robyn Almodovar
15. Roshni Gurnani (from Boston!!)
16. Royce Wagner TAKEN by Wahm Connect Reviews & Giveaways
17. Tavon Hubbard
18. Tiffany Johnson

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