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Monday, July 30, 2012

Brookstone- Summer And Back To School

It's almost that time, and stores are gearing up for their big Back To School sales!!

Brookstone invited me to visit one of their stores and hear all about their new Back To School products. For an event like this, I just had to bring Hubby. He doesn't care too much about makeup and such, when I go to those events, but all the tech gadgets at Brookstone make him drool!!!

We started our tour with a pretty neat invention. This is a Bed Fan.

What's neat about this fan, is that it blows air on your feet under your blanket. My feet get very cold at night, but my Husband is always warm. The fan has multiple settings for wind speed, and it can blow just on him!!

No trip to Brookstone is complete without at least spending a couple of minutes in the massage chairs.

I remember when there used to be one or two in the store. Check out the cool ones they have now!!

Brookstone is constantly improving their chairs. My favorite right now is their OSIM uDivine Massage Chair.

This chair does it all. If I was to get one, I don't think I would ever get out of it!!! LOL

Brookstone also had some terrific Summer necessities on sale. Check out these Loungers, Grill and Deep Fryer.

The Boogie Board is something my kids would love. This is a really neat toy. It is the adults version of an etch a sketch. With a stylus pen, you can take any notes you need, and not worry about wasting paper. The Boogie Board has an easy one push button erase feature.

Of course no Back To School shopping would be complete with out the newest, latest, fun gadget. This was our all time favorite item. The new HDMI Pocket Projector.

It is the perfect size to cart around with you. For us especially while we are camping. Now we can set up a sheet and have a great outdoor movie night!!

This little device can project up to a 60" image!!!

Brookstone has many other fun items. Something for everyone. Make them one of your stops before School starts.

**All opinions expressed are 100% my own. I was not compensated for this post. I was invited to Brookstone to learn more about their products, and I was given a thank you gift.**

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