Tuesday, July 10, 2012

As I Grow Up

At 12 years old- "Oh I wish I had boobs!!"

At 14 years old- "Are they ever going to grow?" "Yeah I get to shave my legs!!"

At 15 years old- "He kissed me!!" (after my first kiss from a boy!!)

At 16 years old- "I miss my Grandma" (after loosing her in April) "I miss my Grandpa" (after loosing him in September) "I miss my dog" (after loosing him in October (17 years old))

At 17 years old- "I love him, and am glad he was my first" "How could he leave me?"

At 18 years old- "Yeah, I can buy lottery tickets and cigarettes!!"

At 18 1/2 years old- "I am going to marry him" (as said to a friend the first time I saw my Husband. Yes I believe in love at first site!!)

At 19 years old- "Oh my gosh, he proposed and I am getting married!!"

At 21 years old- "Yeah I can legally drink and gamble all though I have been doing it for three years already!!"

At 21 1/2 years old- "How could this happen to us?" (after a severe car accident 6 months before our wedding.)

At 22 years old- "I am now Mrs. Coulsey!!!" "Yeah Honeymoon in Disney World!!"

At 24 years old- "I am going to be a Mommy!!"

At 24 1/2 years old- "I love you very much Ben" (as I was being wheeled into the emergency room for a c-section from major complications with the pregnancy. This was the first time I saw my Husband cry. He couldn't say goodbye to me. I was revived on the table twice)

At 24 3/4 years old- "We are parents!!" (After 86 days back and forth to the hospital, with many scares that he wouldn't survive, Ben Jr was home!!)

At 25 years old- "That hurts!" (after having surgery again on my stomach) "Welcome home!!" (after buying our first house)

At 26 years old- "We are pregnant?" (after being surprised we were expecting)

At 26 1/2 years old- "You want me on bed rest the whole pregnancy?" (this was said to me at 12 weeks)

At 26 3/4 years old- "I thought you said this could never happen again?" (Doug was born at 29 weeks by c-section. He was not as hard of an emergency as Ben Jr was, so I was actually awake and Ben Sr was there to see him born. After 64 days, Doug came home!!)

At 27 years old- "The chest pains are getting worse, is there anything you can do?"

At 27 1/2 years old- "That hurts!" (after the fourth surgery on my stomach, this time to remove the gall bladder)

At 28 years old- "We have some savings!" retirement account started. The last big thing needed to be done before I hit 30 (Kids, House, Retirement.) I also started my own business.

At 29 years and 364 days old- "I can not be turning 30. I am too young!!!"

At 30 years old- "I am no longer young!!" (at least my business is really taking off!!)

At 31 years old- "I am happy!!" Today I turned 31. Yes I still feel old, but I have the best Husband in the world, two adorable (but spoiled rotten) boys who are 100% healthy, a terrific business that I can do mostly from home, a cute furry puppy, a home, and loving extended family. Even though there have been bumps (a lot of them!!) over the years, so far my 31st birthday has not been too bad!!!!


Lindsey said...

So cute! This will be even more special as the years go on! :)

Unknown said...

Cute look into your youth. :) How awful that you had those health problems, I hope you don't have any anymore!!

Unknown said...

Oh and happy birthday!

LOVE MELISSA:) said...

Happy bday! This is so cute! You should link it up on my sat laughs/cute post blog hop this weekend!

Audrey said...

Happy birthday, and what a cute way to celebrate your journey in this post!

Show Me Mama said...

love this. Too funny

Journeys of The Zoo said...

Love it. I just turned 40 and for me, it's only gotten better.

I had my triplets at 30 weeks, hospital bedrest for 5 weeks. Glad to hear that everything turned out "as expected".

Besos, Sarah
Zookeeper at Journeys of The Zoo

Jill K. said...

That is an awesome post! Happy Birthday!!!

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