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Sunday, June 24, 2012

RX Relief - Save Up To 75% On Prescription Drugs

The RxRelief Card is a pharmacy discount plan brought to you by the Healthcare Alliance. Our card gives you access to discounted prices on your prescription drugs at your local pharmacy. The RxRelief Card gives you the ability to buy your individual prescriptions at bulk prices, letting you save up to 75% off of your medication. The discount varies by drug and pharmacy, but the average savings is around 50%. That's meaningful savings.The RXRelief Card is not insurance, there's no long application process and it's always free. If you have insurance, the RxRelief Card won't reduce your copay… but if there are any drugs that aren't covered, we can help.

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Stephanie H. said...

I really love this care because I got it and gave it to my friend and this helped cover the medications that her Medicare part D prescription drug service didn't cover. My mom figures she saves about 50% off of her total monthly prescription drug cost with since my dads company insurance tries to say it has prescription drug coverage but really doesn't so my mom uses this card.

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