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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Am I Wrong To Be Mad??

Big Rant. I am ticked off. As you all know, I had entered my dog in the Natures Sleep Pet Bed Contest. With all of your help, Sammy received over 15,000 votes. She was almost 4000 votes ahead of the next dog. Now in the rules, it did state that Natures Sleep would pick the winner.

Here is the exact statement for the rules- "Photo Contest Rules: Upload a Photo of your pet sleeping with a little description of why your pet deserves a blissful night's sleep.Send your friends and family over to vote for fun! Ultimately, the decision will be made by panel." "Select 1-5 stars for the entry you want to vote for. The number of stars you give will add to the entry's total score (for example, 3 stars would add 3 points).
You can vote once every 24 hours."

Now I was under the impression that because all the people entered were sending Natures Sleep A LOT of traffic and likes (you had to like them to vote,) that they would pick the winner by the votes.

That was not the case. They picked who they wanted to win (which was not the dog with the most votes) When I asked why Sammy who had the most votes did not win, this is what they wrote-

"Two reasons really: Because it was stated over and over and over and over that judging would be from a panel from the top 10 with the highest votes. This was to deter people from cheating. But Sammy was awake and the rules said the animal had to be sleeping."

Now I posted exactly word for word what the rules for the contest were. NO WHERE in those rules does it say that the panel will pick who wins out of the top ten pets. It also does not say that the dog HAS TO be sleeping. If you look at the other pets in the contest, more then half are NOT sleeping. This contest ran for over a month, and I signed Sammy up in the beginning. Why didn't someone say something about ALL the pets not sleeping as being not valid entries??

Here is a link to a post that Natures Sleep wrote up directing people to vote for Sammy on their Facebook Page.  If her entry was not valid, why are they trying to get her votes and promoting her??

What do you all think?? Am I wrong to be mad, and did I not abide by the rules, or was this contest rigged??

What do you think should happen??

1 comment:

Unknown said...

After submitting photos repeatedly to contests, even when I thought mine were superior to the ones that got chosen as winners, here is what I've learned: judges have no taste, don't care what you or anybody else think, will pick, seemingly at random, the pic they want.
Sorry for your frustration. Try, try, try again.

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