SARAH'S BLOG OF FUN: Friday Giveaway Link Up #TheAvengersEvent

Friday, May 4, 2012

Friday Giveaway Link Up #TheAvengersEvent

I have to say, this has been an awesome week!!! Last weekend I was in NYC with some terrific bloggers thanks to Disney, to see Marvel's The Avengers!!! Oh and I GOT TO SEE ROBERT DOWNEY JR!!!

Then on Monday I had my Chevy Sonic delivered to me!!! We have had a lot of fun showing Sonny the Sonic off!!!

Tomorrow, I am taking my whole family to see The Avengers!!! We are going to look spiffy in our Avengers T-shirts!!!

Like I said, awesome week!!

I hope you all have a great weekend, and get out there and see The Avengers!!  It opens today!!!


Unknown said...

It's not working for me for some reason :(

Unknown said...

Thank you for the link! Monika

Paula Parrish said...

Thanks for hosting this giveaway link up party. Smiles, Paula

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