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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Five Hour Flash Giveaway- $35 Amazon Gift Card Or Cash!!

$35 Amazon Gift Card 4-Hour FLASH Giveaway!!!

few AWESOME Bloggers have teamed up to give you this
wonderful $35 Amazon Gift Card! We believe in quick, small,
and easy giveaways! Our giveaways only have a FEW entries
to fill out and you will know if you WIN in just a couple
of hours! WHAT FUN! Good luck on tonight's giveaway!
See you back on Friday for another great FLASH giveaway!

are our WONDERFUL participating sites for this
evening's 4-Hour FLASH Giveaway!! Check out these
awesome sites when you have time! 

*NOTE: You can choose PayPal CASH in substitution of the Amazon GC.

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Anonymous said...

email subscriptions are my least favorite

Lynn K. said...

Filling out addresses. Dx

slehan said...

Least is email subscribe. My mailbox is full enough already.
Thanks for the contest.

Unknown said...

Post a comment. Sometimes after I post the form won't reload correctly.

June M. said...

email takes me forever to go through my email everyday.

eclairre said...

E-mail subscriptions also

Savannah said...

email subscribe and I hate when you have to leave the page and hit backspace to get back on it :(

scottsgal said...

msboatgal at

carol said...

I'll have to say e-mail subscriptions too. I think we all just get too much e-mail.

Sarah Coulsey said...

Become an email subscriber. I get 100's of emails a day. I just don't have the time!!!

Glogirl said...

My least favourite are the ones that ask you to like all 25 facebook pages for example.

Michelle said...

I dont like email subscribe or twitter follower. Thanks for the chance to win!
mrsmchappell at gmail dot com

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