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Monday, April 9, 2012

Four Hour Flash Giveaway- $30 Walmart Gift Card

$30 Walmart Gift Card 4-Hour FLASH Giveaway ~ WIN a Gift Card and Help VOTE to Fight Hunger

A few AWESOME Bloggers have teamed up to give you this wonderful $30 Walmart GC! We believe in quick, small, and easy giveaways! Our giveaways only have a FEW entries to fill out and you will know if you WIN in just a couple of hours! WHAT FUN! Good luck on tonight's giveaway! See you back on Wednesday for another great FLASH giveaway!


Here are our WONDERFUL participating sites for this evening's 4-Hour FLASH Giveaway!! Check out these awesome sites when you have time! 

*NOTE: You can choose PayPal or Amazon in substitution of the Walmart Gift Card if need be.

And also a special shout out to Walmart who is helping with an initiative this month to Fight the Hunger in our country. PLEASE if you have time visit this link to read about what Walmart is doing and to find a community you think is in need of assistance and VOTE for them to receive aid. And lastly, there are products you can buy at Walmart that will help with this special program as well, so please check the signage at the store the next time you are there. It take us ALL to make a DIFFERENCE! Every little bit and every VOTE can help! THANK YOU!!!  Now go WIN a $30 Gift Card to Walmart!!!!

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Mom Goes Wild
Couponing 4 You 

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Dee said...

I'm pretty new at this, how do you enter?

JessGratz said...

I think our biggest problem is giving out too many tax cuts to companies and not caring enough about the families that struggle everyday to provide food for their families.

Sarah Coulsey said...

Unemployment is really bad. My Husband was laid off this past November, and he is still trying hard to find a job. No matter what Obama says, the job market is not getting any better.

scottsgal said...

that social security will still be around when I'm ready to retire

deanna_boocock said...

education and the economy

eclairre said...


Liese2 said...

The economy.

tnrina said...

I have a few worries about our country but the one that haunts me is the "War on Children." I cannot understand why parents are killing, abusing and neglecting their children.
tnrina at gmail dot com

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