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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Clean And Green Auto Cleaner Review

At SeaYu, we love animals -- and we care about the world we live in.

But we know firsthand that every pet lover needs a quick, powerful and convenient solution to pet cleaning problems. That's why we've carefully developed Clean+Green®, an effective, safe and green pet cleanup system that is free of harsh chemicals -- and personally tested in our own home. Natural. Fur friendly. Kid safe. And able to stand up to any pet cleanup challenge -- even skunk.

We're committed to making sure all of our products are non-toxic, non-carcinogenic and eco-friendly. Easy on the environment and easy to use. Our unique, patented Advanced Eliminator Formula doesn't just cover up the smell. It permanently eliminates odors, deep cleans and removes stains -- everything you've come to expect from Clean+Green®.

So, breathe again. The world is a safer place. And life just got easier!

Anyone that has a pet, smokes, or just lives, knows that your car and furniture can take on a not so pleasant smell after awhile.

I have tried a wide variety of products over the years to get the "living" smell out of my car.  Most of the time, the products just mask the smell for a little while.

Clean and Greens Auto Refresher is different.  You don't just spray it on the fabric, you spray it into the vents!!  That's right the vents.

You start by opening your cars hood, locate the air vents, then spray the cleaner in.  Turn your car on, and let the cleaner circulate around your car.  It helps to circulate the cleaner much better then just spraying directly onto the fabric. 

You can also use the cleaner directly on fabric to remove stains.  I had a small kool-aid stain in my van, so I sprayed the cleaner directly on the stain, and after a couple minutes of wiping, it was gone.

If you are looking for a eco-friendly product that works, give Clean and Green a try!!

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