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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Valentines Day Gift Guide- Piczzle Puzzles myspace graphic comments
Sarahs Blog Of Fun Valentines Gift Guide!!

Our company specializes in the production of of custom puzzles and in marketing of wooden and cardboard jigsaw puzzles. Our photo puzzle products are sold to individuals and businesses directly through this website, and indirectly through online and offline stores, distributors and independent resellers. Piczzle operates worldwide but most predominantly in the USA, the UK.

We provide a range of personalized photo puzzle products through a service that makes it easy and fun for our customers to design, write, paint, enhance and preserve their digital photos while sharing them interactively with their friends and family in an original, one of a kind, creative and thoughtful way.

We enable anyone in the world to easily and quickly turn digital pictures into their very own picture puzzles – as a personalized gift or just for fun. Here you have the control over what you would like your unique jigsaw puzzle to look like as you customize its image, its personal text, its size, its design, its shape and its level of difficulty.

Piczzle's puzzles are made-to-order custom puzzles and they are produced by using the customer's own photos. We are committed to provide excellent service and top-quality personalized puzzles and thus we linking a history of over 15 years of manufacturing custom-made jigsaw puzzles with online retail experience. Piczzle values inspirational originality and so it encourages customers to plan their own products while attentively tending to each puzzle to ensure the perfect graphic-design of the finished products. The Piczzle Personalized Picture Puzzle service was founded on May 2003.

Our success is based on adding value for our customers. We offer you an easy, convenient and fun way to:
- preserve your memories for family, friends as well as yourselves;
- share your sentiments with friends and family through a thoughtful, personal and fun photo-based experience;
- achieve joyful self-expression through creativity and the telling of your stories with a combination of photos and words.

I love these puzzles!!!  I got to review one last year and it is great.  Check out my review post here!!

With Valentines Day around the corner, I am trying to think of neat items to give my boys that they will love (and that aren't all candy!!)

Piczzle has some really cute heart shaped puzzles that you personalize with your favorite pictures.

The Happy Heart puzzle is my favorite!!

If you are looking for a fun new gift for those special people in your life, check out Piczzle Puzzles!! 

**All opinions expressed are 100% my own.  I was not compensated for this post.**


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