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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Survivor Fantasy Game Weeks 10, 11 and 12

I am sorry I haven't been very good with posting the reality show games lately.  I haven't had any extra time to watch them!!!  I promise I will get better!! 

Poor Jim is the third on redemption.  It will be interesting to see what happens.

Cochran is so weird.  He tries to fit in too much. 

I hate these balancing challenges.  They are tough!!  The boys have to hold a beam with two polls using only the tops of their hands.

Jim falls first, and then Keith.  They are both now members of the jury!!

Ozzy continues on!!  I agree with him that redemption has it's plus' and minus'.  I would hate to be alone all the time, but then again, it would be nice to stay out of the drama.

Cochran and Dawn may join forces (lol again!!)

Immunity challenge- Carry rice in a bowl on your head over two balance beams to another bowl.

Dawn, Brandon and Sophie were the only ones who were making any progress.  It came down to Brandon and Sophie, and Sophie pulled it off!!

Jeff said that there was some twist at tribal.  I wonder what??

I can't blame Dawn and Whitney for trying to gain Albert. 

Now you have Dawn, Whitney, Cochran, Albert and maybe Sophie.  Interesting.   

Coach is suspicious, so he threatens everyone.  lol

Everything banks on Cochran and Sophie.  We shall see.  I have no clue.  The seven seems to stay strong no matter what, so I am betting they still stay strong.

Surprise, surprise they voted out Dawn.

Here comes the twist.  Another immunity challenge and vote right away. 

They have to answer survival questions.  It comes down to Sophie and Whitney, and Sophie pulls it off again.  I wonder who is going home now??

Dawn and Whitney are both at redemption.  I can't wait to see how the votes actually went, and if Cochran and Albert flaked out. 

The seven stayed strong and they all voted Dawn and Whitney.  Well now they have to vote for each other.  I can't wait to see the pecking order!!

Ok, week 11 was just a recap, so lets move on to 12!!

Cochran should be very nervous.  He is the low man on the poll. 

Cochran is very strange.  He comes up with weird comments and stories, and I can see why Sophie is weirded out by him. 

Cochran made a stand and said that the team owes him so please keep him for one more tribal.  Wow.  Some of them are actually agreeing with him.

Another balancing challenge for redemption.  They balance plates and bowls on a wobbly poll. 

Dawn went out first.  Whitney not to far behind.  Ozzy lives another day!!

I can understand not being too over zealous at camp and working really hard, but the opposite (sitting there doing nothing) doesn't help you either.  That's going to hurt Albert. 

Immunity challenge was re-do's.  First they toss bean bags on barrels.  First three move on.  Then they shoot coconuts into targets.  Winner gets spa night.

Albert, Rick and Sophie made it to the second round, and Albert won!!  He picked Coach to go with him, but then gave up his reward and gave it to Cochran for his birthday.

When they got back to camp, they see the tables all set up.  Cute.  Cochran the jerk lied to everyone.  His birthday was six months ago.  Wow.

That is so funny that Cochran is scrambling and trying to get them to vote off Rick.  The man works around camp, does well in challenges and hasn't done anything to anyone.  I hope they don't get rid of him.  I like him, and at this point I hope he or Ozzy wins.

Well it has been awhile sense his last break down, so I guess I shouldn't be surprised that Brandon cracks again.

I have no clue who is going.  I think it would be very fitting if it was Cochran!!!

Yeah it was Cochran!!  I doubt he stands a chance against Ozzy!!

Edna voted for Rick.  I hope that hurts her.  She went against the tribe!! 

See you all on Wednesday!!

1. Benjamin "Coach" Wade TAKEN BY Charity and John
2. Oscar “Ozzy” Lusth TAKEN BY Tara
3. Albert Destrade TAKEN BY Farrah Shumway
4. Brandon Hantz TAKEN BY Dena Mullins
5. Christine Shields Markosk TAKEN BY Katsrus
6. Dawn Meehan TAKEN BY Ksceviour
7. Edna Ma TAKEN BY Jeanette
8. Elyse Umemoto TAKEN BY Vhubler

9. Jim Rice TAKEN BY Vicjbr
10. John Cochran TAKEN BY Liza767
11. Keith Tollefson TAKEN BY Shelley T
12. Mark Caruso TAKEN BY Debbie

13. Mikayla Wingle TAKEN BY Sam Buck
14. Rick Nelson TAKEN BY Turq
15. Semhar Tadesse TAKEN BY Dina K
16. Sophie Clarke TAKEN BY Celebrie2
17. Stacey Powell TAKEN BY Ashley S

18. Whitney Duncan TAKEN BY Larissa

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