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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Holiday Gift Guide- Tropical Traditions Raw Honey Review And ~~Giveaway~~

A Raw Product from the Wilderness

Tropical Traditions Organic Raw Honey comes from the frontier areas of Canada, and is only harvested during a 6-week period in the summer. Tropical Traditions is the exclusive source of this premium organic honey in the U.S. Most commercial honeys available on the market today come from bee farms, where the bees are controlled within a certain area and get their pollen from usually only one kind of flower. Many of the plants that produce these flowers (clover, orange blossom, etc.) are grown with pesticides and fertilizers as well. In addition, almost all honeys on the market are pasteurized in high heat and filtered, removing many of the beneficial nutrients and enzymes.

Tropical Traditions Organic Raw Honey has not been subjected to the heat of processing, only warmed enough to flow (same temperatures the honey would see inside the hive). We select only premium honey that is pure, smooth and creamy, with the consistency of soft margarine at harvest. It contains live yeast and enzymes, because it has not been processed. It also contains pollen because it has not been filtered—merely screened.

Fine textured crystals are characteristic of totally pure, unheated, unprocessed, raw honey. Properly crystallized honey has a fine, smooth texture. Crystallized honey preserves natural goodness and doesn’t drip. The more rapidly honey crystallizes the finer the texture will be. It will also turn harder over time as it crystallizes. Truly raw honeys do not deteriorate with age, but like fine wines, continue to age and develop into more complex tastes.

Certified Organic Raw Honey from Canada

In order for honey to be certified organic, the beehives must be placed in isolated areas miles from the dense population, industry, traffic congestion, and farm fields treated with chemicals and landfills. Second, a bee’s flying range is determined by their natural instinct which tells them to stay within their natural four mile range from the hive location. Finding area which can be certified organic is extremely difficult, which is why there are so few certified organic honeys on the market. Tropical Traditions sources its honey from hives in the wild frontier areas of Canada.

These regions are a rich source of wild vegetation that produce some of the finest honey in the world. The USDA and Canadian Organic Certification implies a rigorous set of standards and conditions that must be adhered to by both the producer (beekeeper) and the packager. All aspects of the honey production including the source of the nectar, forage area of the bees, management of the bees, extracting process, transportation, “lot” management, processing temperature, integrity (no co-mingling with non-organic honey), screening, and, packaging materials, are taken into account in the certification process.

Try some, and we think you’ll agree that there is no finer honey in North America! Raw, organic, Canadian honey, available exclusively in the US through Tropical Traditions.

Tropical Traditions has some delicious products!!

We recently got to try the Canadian Raw Honey.  Wow is that good!!  It has just the right amount of sweetness to it. 

The only difference that I can see, between this honey and what I am used too, is the fact that this honey doesn't drip like other honey.  This has more of a hard consistency.  This honey also has a more natural sweetness to it, then other store bought honey.

Oh it tastes really good in cookies!!!  I have also been using some in my tea at night!  Yummy!!! 

You can find a wide variety of treats at Tropical Traditions, including Coconut Peanut Butter, and Brown Rice Syrup (just some of my favorites!!)

Here is a really delicious recipe I found that combines all of my favorite ingredients from Tropical Traditions.

 Servings: 9 popcorn balls

Preparation Time: 10 minutes

•1/2 cup honey or brown rice syrup

•1/3 cup coconut peanut butter

•1 tablespoon coconut oil

•1/4 teaspoon sea salt

•5 cups popped organic popcorn

•1/4 cup shredded coconut

In a small saucepan, gently heat honey, coconut peanut butter, coconut oil and sea salt. Bring sauce to a simmer.
Take off heat and let cool for 5 minutes.
In a large bowl mix popped popcorn and shredded coconut together. Carefully pour warm sauce over popcorn. Mix well.
Oil your hands with coconut oil and form popcorn mixture into balls. Place popcorn balls on a parchment lined cookie sheet and allow to cool before serving.

If you are looking for a sweet treat for your loved ones this holiday season, you can't go wrong with Tropical Traditions. 

I am very happy to be able to give one lucky reader their own jar of Raw Honey to try.  Right in time for Holiday Baking!!!


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