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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Holiday Gift Guide- Continuum Games Review And ~~Giveaway~~

Continuum Games, Inc. is a privately owned company with a mission to bring families together through exciting new game concepts that appeal to all generations of game players. First formed by Greg and Niki Hughes in 2007, the company has grown from a small game manufacturing company into a full service game publishing company, distributor and consulting firm. Continuum Games publishes its own line of award winning family games, educational games, party games and travel games and also serve as a distributor to the BEST in class games from independent manufacturers.

In February 2011, Continuum Games joined forces with Around the Table Games, creators of the award winning Family Talk series of products. Around the Table Games founder Beth Daniels has a shared mission to create products that draw families together and appeal to the needs of today’s busy families. Both Greg and Beth are parents who bring a Mom and Dad perspective to the games and products that they create.

In May 2011, Greg, Beth and the team of 3 Creative Design Group joined forces to form Continuum Consulting. Continuum Consulting provides assistance to new and experienced toy, game and novelty product inventors. They help new inventors figure out just how to launch a new game idea or new product concept. The team knows firsthand the challenges that are involved in bringing a product to market as well as the potential rewards associated with a well executed product launch. The goal is to offer a continuum of services to new and experienced inventors to help guide decision making, avoid common pitfalls, and create the best possible pathway to success.

I love to play games.  Everyone in my family does!!  It is a great fun way to have real family bonding time (except when your father cheats!!)

I was given the opportunity to try two new games from Continuum Games.  Family Talk 2, and Lumps.

Questions to get the whole family talking! Family Talk2 takes the dinner table discussions with you wherever you go!

The second edition of our award winning Family Talk game. Engage your family in meaningful conversations with this set of 100 new and exciting questions. Simply pick a card, ask the question and get a surprising and often hilarious glimpse into the hearts and minds of family members. Winner of the Tillywig Brain Child Award.

•Second edition of our popular Family Talk game
•Fun, Portable family game of conversation keeps today’s busy families connected
•100 new and exciting question cards attached to round carabiner clip for use anywhere – at home, at a restaurant, in the car, on vacation
•Questions that get the whole family talking – even hard-to-talk-to Teens!
•Portable, thoughtprovoking, fun!
•Great as a travel game
•Ages 3+
•Great gift idea

This game is a lot of fun to break the ice.  I know from personal experience, that sometimes you are just too tired to talk, and/or you just can't think of anything to say.

With Family Talk 2, you are given a bunch of topics to discuss, like "Are you related to anyone famous?"  

This is a great game to help open up with your kids, and also a great way to remember fun things from your past!!!

Getting coal in your stocking is now the best gift of the holidays!

The Lumps Legend: Children around the world have been so good over the past few years; lumps of coal have built up at the North Pole. Puzzled by what to do with the excess coal; Santa’s elves decided to create an exciting new game that uses lumps of coal of all shapes and sizes. The game is so much fun, good little boys and girls, for the first time ever, are excited to get lumps of coal in their stocking!

Lumps, the Elf Coal Game is the most addictive family dice game you’ll ever play! The goal is to score the most points in three rolls by rolling pairs of the same number. Roll a pair of 3s, score 3 points…a pair of 10s scores 10 points. What makes the game unique is that it has four different types of dice and there are few high numbers. On each turn you have to make decisions on which dice to keep and re-roll. Do you play it safe and hold a pair of 4s, or chance it and try for a high pair? The endless possibilities make Lumps exciting and addictive. Great stocking stuffer!

Ben Jr loves this game.  It is such a simple game, but brings him hours of fun.

With Lumps, you roll dice in a competition between other players to see who can get the highest score.  There are different sizes and shapes of the dice, with different numbers on them.  You get points when you roll two of the same number. 

It's a lot of fun, and so far I have not won once!!!

Lumps, the Elf Coal game is available at Hallmark Gold Crown stores, Books-A-Million, Go! Games and 100s of specialty toy stores in the US besides at Continuum Games site.

These games are a lot of fun, and are perfect stocking stuffer!!!

The good folks at Continuum Games is right now offering all my readers 15% off all purchases at their site by using coupon code funforallages.

They are also generous enough to give one lucky reader both of the above games!!

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