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Monday, November 14, 2011

Holiday Gift Guide- Colortime Crafts

Hi - We're Colortime Crafts and Markers™. Many of you know us from our days at the Cotton Warehouse on Long Island in the early 90's. Our Warehouse was a gathering spot for Wearable Art creativity. In addition to offering garment blanks and trimmings, our classroom hosted Colortime Crafts and Markers™, which we developed for birthday parties, scouts, and camps.

Our customers were always asking if they could take some Colortime Crafts and Markers™ with them when they were visiting. We realized we had a wonderfully creative and positive wearable art concept that children and adults can do and enjoy anywhere. Our customers kept coming back and telling us how easy, clean and fun it was to create Colortime Crafts™.

The rest is history. Since 1990 over 2 million children and adults throughout the country have enjoyed Colortime Crafts And Markers ™ and proudly display their keepsakes. So make your next event one that will be seen and talked about for a long time. Explore our website or give us a call to find out more about our programs.

Have a Fun and Creative Day!

We are a huge Arts and Crafts family.  There is nothing better then sitting down together to do a fun project!!

I was very excited to get to review a Halloween Tote and Pillowcase from Colortime!!

Besides the Tote and Pillowcase we were sent a set of 6 markers to color with.

The markers are extremely permanent, so make sure you are watching small children at all times!!!

We worked very hard on the pillowcase first, and Ben did a great job.  He stayed in the lines, and only colored one finger!!!

We tried Doug with the tote, but he was a little more colored himself, so we let Ben finish the tote.  I wouldn't recomend the markers for children under 3!!

Both came out really nice, and Ben uses the pillowcase on his pillow, and Doug walks around carrying his toys in his tote bag!!

Colortime has some great fun projects for Christmas, including Pillowcases and Totes!!

If you have a Craft person on your shopping list, check out Colortime Crafts!!!

**All opinions expressed are 100% my own.  I was not compensated for this post.  I did receive the above mentioned products for this review**

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